Monday, June 23, 2014

Elmer Fudds get a taste of what they've been ignoring when it happens to the semi-auto crowd.

Judge Rules That The Second Amendment Doesn’t Protect Hunting


Anonymous said...

No, Amendment II does not protect hunting. When the second amendmen was written, hunting was just another way to feed the family. The way to fight the regulation against hunting on Sunday is that it is tantamount to a government-sponsored religion.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

On a related note, this place has become a home for Neo-Fudd young atheist liberals that vote for Republicans. Disgusting.

Keep up the good work, Mike.

Paul X said...

No hunting on Sunday? That's nuts.

Some laws just cry out to be disobeyed.

Kristophr said...


The judge is right, for once.

The second amendment protects your right to own and maintain the same loadout that a US soldier or a cop carries.

FedUp said...

Greybeard, the judge threw out the religious argument too.

I do think that all Sunday laws need to be repealed. Can't buy beer on Sunday morning, hunt all day Sunday, etc, etc, are just somebody's way of saying: 'I choose to do other things on Sunday, and I choose for you to do other things too'.

Dakota said...

LMFAO .... you can't hunt on Sunday? Must be a dry county too. What bullshit, and you can't get that changed? You need to move, must have a Sheriff that weighs 400 lbs and a skinny side kick that drools too.

Also think it is funny as hell that a judge would say that. I bet by now he wishes he hadn't. I want to send this far and wide to all the dumb asses with 15 deer rifles, and 10 shotguns and a member of the NRA and "Ducks Unlimited" that turn their noses up at people like me ..... WAKE UP DUMBASS!!!