Wednesday, June 25, 2014

May they fry in hell. Cochran wins with help of Bloomberg money and DEMOCRAT turnout, NRA complicit.

Before the election, David Codrea noted: Bloomberg’s support of Cochran puts gun groups on spot to justify ‘A’ ratings
The result: Cochran beats McDaniel in nail-biter in Mississippi
Cochran relied heavily on boosting voter turnout in the runoff among not only mainstream Republicans but also black Democrats, whom his campaign and its allies aggressively courted in the final days of the campaign.
The contest between the entrenched Cochran and the more combative and youthful McDaniel divided the Republican Party here in one of the nation’s most conservative states and delivered a stinging blow to the tea party movement.
In a bitter and angry speech to supporters in Hattiesburg late Tuesday, McDaniel refused to concede and said, “we are not prone to surrender.” He cited “voting irregularities” and thundered that the “Republican primary [was] decided by liberal Democrats.”
You know, if the history of this pre-civil war period is ever honestly written, it will be the corrupt, elitist Mandarins of both parties who will come in for the strongest criticism. By closing off peaceful change in order to protect their personal rice bowls, they will have made violent change inevitable.
LATER: How Thad Cochran’s campaign pulled it off.


Anonymous said...

"...delivered a stinging blow to the tea party movement."??? Seriously? The firmly entrenched incumbent with establishment support had to pander to the enemy for votes and still BARELY won and they think that's a "stinging blow" to the TEA Party? Laughable. These scumbags know damned-well that at this point, they have to cheat to win. A few more like this one and I don't think we are too far away from having to cast our votes from the rooftops.


Anonymous said...

I discovered that the damned democrats were encouraged to cross over and vote for Cochran in the Republican runoff. That's probably why Cochran won, maybe not simply because of name recognition of him as the incumbent. Crossover voting in Mississippi is illegal, so expect some court battles over that. Democrats are cheaters from the word go. Only idiots and ignorant people are democrats

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

I don't think many black Democrats voted for any Republican. It looks like more people voted than the first time. Farve coming out for Cochran helped him.
Anyway he is old. He might not live long enough to finish his term.

Anonymous said...

The Establishment will not allow peaceful change to occur.


It makes nasty things inevitable.

Anonymous said...

There is a law in Mississippi that says you cannot vote in a primary if you have no intention of voting for the same candidate in the general election. Cochran's people, in cahoots with the democrats, pulled him over the finish line with votes from people who had no intention of voting for him in the general election.

One step closer to civil war.....

Anonymous said...

Tea Party delivered A STINGING BLOW? Well, yeh. We were. But it was a slap in the face by a power hungry cheaters party that will only serve to PISS US OFF SOME MORE!

This establishment republican just got added to 'the list'.

xtron said...

if Cochran wins all the court battles and is on the ballot...i would humbly suggest every tea party supporter turn the tables on the establishment and send a stinging blow by voting for the democrat.

since mississippi is a hard blue state, the tea party can take the seat back in 2 years.