Thursday, June 26, 2014

The best corruption money can buy.

The staggering price of crushing the tea party.


Anonymous said...

One of the biggest criticisms of the GOP base against the establishment is that it is run by people who are spineless, gutless, and have no balls.
But now, I don’t think that’s really the case. They can fight like hell and be just as dirty as the democrats. This most recent campaign proved that. The reason they don’t is because it’s easier to get the scraps from the table than it is to fight for the feast. But as soon as an “outsider” dares approach the table, they all band together to protect it.

Anonymous said...

There are a few things we can take away from this Mississippi deal:

1) The GOP Estbllishment had a lot more to lose than the Tea Party had to gain.

2) The GOP Establishment has made peaceful change by working within the system virtually impossible.

3) If the GOP Establishment fought as hard against the Democrats as they do the Tea Party, the GOP would control the White House and the entire Congress.

Anonymous said...

The GOPe, is not:Gutless,Spineless or Cowardly...They are 100%,Traitorously and Treasonously Complicit with the dem party, in Trying to move the Constitutional Repulic of the United States of America,left and off of a cliff!

The repubs are at the same stage as the then 'Whig' party right before our Civil War in the 1850's, where the 'Whigs' became a virtual mirror image of the Slave Master dem party and ceased to be an opposition, so the repubs had to replace them!

Every single time a repub or group of repubs had the chance to derail a major parts of Obama's agenda, one or more repubs have stepped forward to advance it. Whether it's: Obamacare and Boehner and company keep funding it even though they could cut off the purse strings.

The same thing with the NDAA or when Scott Brown stepped Forward to be the final vote out of Committee, for the unconstitutional Dodd/Frank Bill, which turns almost the entire control over the economy to Obama, when Brown's vote could have killed Dodd/Frank! There is no way in Heck that Scott Brown would have done that, if McConnell,Rove/Bush didn't want him to.

Tom Coburn for many years the highest "Conservative" rated member of the U.S. senate, stepped forward late on a Sunday night, several days before Christmas of 2010, to release his hold on the stalinistic 'Food Safety and Modernization Act', which basically allows Obama to control the Food supply through over-regulation and Try to starve out the American people. It uses Food and the denial of Food as a weapon...Classic marxism! Coburn could have let the Bill die but instead chose to advance it!

Then several days after Coburn caved on the 'Food Safety and Modernization Act', Richard Lugar and a bunch of repubs gave Obama and Harry Reid, just enough repub votes to meet the 60% threshold needed for passage of a Treaty, to secure the 'Start 2 Treaty', which reduces our nuclear stock pile by 70%!

All of the above leftist agenda, was easily defeatable by the repubs but instead they chose to support it...That's no accident!

The repub party is an entirely left wing Entity at this stage and is beyond reform and has to be replaced ( Like the 'Whigs' were in the 1850's ), by a Constitutionally Conservative Party and the first step toward forming a new political party, is to immediately stop any and all support to the repubs. Then you will see the repubs go ballistic and leave their figurative ramparts to pursue us!

AJ said...

If you guys are serious about changing the GOP, learn about Precinct Committee Officers.