Thursday, June 26, 2014

At long last, Harry Reid's Jenny Brooks Award is on the way to him.

On 19 April, I announced my award to Harry Reid of the 2014 Jenny Brooks Soap Dish Trophy for his advocacy of civil war. It was my expectation at that time that I would send it out the next week. Events intervened, resources waned, and one thing led to another and I failed in my promise to the Bundy audience. I have been, you may concede, rather busy in the interim. But the other day, the happy coincidence of time and a voluntary subscription showing up in the PO Box allowed me to finish what I promised, albeit two months late. Yesterday, on the anniversary of the Battle of Little Big Horn, I mailed it out. Here is the letter I sent Harry along with his award:
24 June 2014
Senator Harry Reid
333 Las Vegas Boulevard South, Suite 8016
Lloyd D. George Building
Las Vegas , NV 89101
Dear Harry,
Congratulations! Enclosed you will find the trophy of the 2014 Jenny Brooks Soap Dish Award for Incitement to Civil War, which you so richly deserve following your conduct and statements during the BLM armed attempt to subdue the unruly citizens who came to the support of Cliven Bundy. You perfumed princes of the Mandarin class meant to bend the Bundys to your will and though that didn’t work out quite the way you planned, you then promised us all that “this isn’t over.”
Well, I suppose that is up to you and your federal minions of the BLM. The Washington Times later reported that you and your friends in the Obama administration considered using military force against the Bundys for the temerity of rejecting your coercion. I suppose we should be grateful that some adult in the room in DC ultimately nixed that plan. As I’m sure your friends in the corrupt Clark County Sheriff’s Office reported to you, I originally announced this award in a speech as the Bundy Ranch on Patriot’s Day, 19 April, but it has taken me more time than I expected to find the authentic piece of Alabama pine coffin wood which forms its base. My apologies for the delay.
I enclose a copy of my speech that I gave that day so which explains in full the story of Jenny Brooks, her soap dish, and how that may apply to you in the future should we reach the point where you and your friends order American troops to fire on your own people. I trust you will consider it a friendly, albeit cautionary, tale in the spirit with which it is offered. I am trying merely to point out, in your interest, the unintended consequences if you should succumb to the darker devils of your nature.
As an amateur historian, I can tell you that civil wars, once started, are very ugly, very bloody and have effects that last forever. It is merely good manners, I think, to point out that it would be very foolish to start such a fratricidal conflict thinking that such conduct would be consequence-free to those who start it.
So, that said, I hope you enjoy the tale of Jenny Brooks and her soap dish and get many years of use out of it. The story always reminds me of the advice my Grandpa Vanderboegh gave me when I was ten: “Son, you don’t poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off.” A very wise man, my Grandpa.
Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson AL 35126.


iwitness02 said...

You have an uncommon talent for the well placed word. I believe you are doing the right thing in sending out heart felt warnings about unintended consequences.
I also believe that the warnings fall mostly on deaf ears. Nevertheless it is still one more effort made to avoid the destruction of our lives as we know them now. Peace! Peace! And there will be none.
You are a good hand Mike and I thank you for all your work.

skybill said...

Hi Mike,
As iwitnes02 said above,"You have an uncommon talent for the well placed word." I might add,"With a Calm, Casual Eloquence!!" Also note great "Bitchcraft," that fine art of pissing people off with the Truth! I can just see old Scary Harry with his teeth clenched, that grizzled look on his face, fire in his eyes and smoke coming out of his ears!! hehehe!

God, Guns and Guts keep America Free,
PS, aka "skybubba"...that's another story I'll get into later.

Anonymous said...

Seen any big, black SUVs patrolling by your house lately?

- Old Greybeard

CowboyDan said...

OGB, my concern for Mike's safety doesn't necessarily involve Black SUV's, but they'll no doubt be nearby.

My thinking is they'll lean hard on some halfwit like all the "terrorists" the Feds often manage to arrest (and then quietly dismiss all charges) and get him to do a swoop & squat on a highway somewhere. Highways are often dangerous places to be.

The other fear I have for him is his house might have old electrical or gas lines either inside or on the property.

I can see either ending badly for the occupants of a home. Thankfully, Mike is well-insured (by the O.H.H.L. & C. Co.) against any such catastrophe.

I truly hope that he and his family expire of old age in a great number of years.