Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Once again, I would like to thank the Obama Administration for putting more and more military hardware out into the hinterland where the armed citizenry can get its hands on it when the time comes.

Interesting map: As wars wind down, small-town police inherit armored vehicles. Hundreds of counties have MRAPs — and more are on their way.
Of course there IS a downside to the militarization of the police: US police departments are increasingly militarised, finds report.
• ACLU cites soaring use of war zone equipment and tactics
• Swat teams increasingly deployed in local police raids
• Seven civilians killed and 46 injured in incidents since 2010


Anonymous said...

When we read or hear of a John Q. Citizen drilling a hole between the eyes of a LEO, we tend to think the guy might have a mental problem. Well, maybe not. Maybe he was a victim of a SWAT raid on the "wrong" house. And if one of his was injured or killed during such mess, why would he NOT want some revenge?

Laird said...

Of course, there is an upside: come the revolution, a lot of the local police forces will be on our side and so we'll be as well armed as the military.

Anonymous said...

"• Seven civilians killed and 46 injured in incidents since 2010"

I'm sorry, but that number seems a bit low. Not to quibble, Dutchman, but what was your source for that number? Seems like every week or every other week there is a report of some innocent killed or seriously injured by SWAT cops. I cannot believe that only (and don't get me wrong, ONE would be too many) seven people have been killed by rampaging protectors/servants.

Dakota said...

I have little faith that there will be local cops on our side. At least in the beginning they will do what they are told. They "might" feel some guilt later after they see the direction it is taking. I use the term "might" loosely.

If cops continue down the path of brutality, and throwing grenades in child cribs and laughing about it ...... things can get messy.

Anonymous said...

Good luck finding spare parts when those dumb things break down.

You know what else?

If it comes down to it, the mechanic who works on the local cop shop's MRAP better not ever leave the safety of the armoured garage, as he will be target numero uno.

Soft targets, people.

Anonymous said...

Two podunk PD's within 60 miles of here have gotten MRAPs. They are already finding out the upkeep and cost of maintenance is sky high on these "free" tanks. Most of them will be laid up behind the county garages when TSHTF. Warsaw ghetto fighters destroyed Panzer IV tanks with molotovs, tanks can be easily disabled.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Mao started with farmers w/o any real firearms .. they got their modern arms from government owned supplies ... used these to defeat the largest army in the world.

Anonymous said...

When I was growing up, we had a decommissioned tank as a WW2 memorial in the center of town. The tank is now gone (removed in the 70's), maybe this hardware will end up being used for Mideast Wars memorials?