Thursday, June 26, 2014

Judge speculates on ATF jealousy, perjury, potential criminality in Dobyns suit

“The judge states that not only is the perjury of government witnesses a concern to him but additionally, ATF employees may have acted criminally."


SWIFT said...

While I hold great hopes for this trial to give the ATF yet another black eye, I know that nothing will change. When the leadership of an agency is staffed with evil, immoral, shit bags, nothing can change. This is not learned behavior. These people were evil from the day they shot out of the birth canal. This should be a lesson for all future recruits: If you do not carry the lunch of the upper eschelon, you will be "what's for dinner". The ATF eats it's own.

Anonymous said...

you got that right! They'll gladly set-up lower level schmucks as patsies in nefarious deeds. At this late stage, anyone looking for a job at these places must realize that they're basically working for the mob. And when you do a "hit" for the mob there's no guarantee they won't kill you thereafter to keep things quiet.