Sunday, June 22, 2014

Anti-firearm governors appetites for power keep growing (although Hickenlooper is having a bit of indigestion at the moment).

"Kiss my ass" O'Malley tests 2016 waters with "inspirational speech."
Gov. John Hickenlooper's very bad day
Gov. John Hickenlooper was at his mystifying worst during a recent appearance before the Colorado sheriffs, bolstering Republican hopes that he may not be the cinch for re-election that he is often portrayed. It's not only that the governor made several assertions that were either false or highly implausible, or that he ingratiated himself with a skeptical audience by walking back from legislation he supported and throwing an unnamed staffer under the bus. If you watch the video, you'll also see that this was a classic case of Hickenlooper arguing with himself.
And then there's this: Hickenlooper clarifies remarks to sheriffs: ‘I’d sign the magazine ban again’

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Kenny said...

Owe Mally's SB281 is in courts NOW being litigated.
also O'Malley raised 40 new taxes for $10 BILLION