Wednesday, June 18, 2014

VPC no longer trying to hide yearning for ban of all semi-automatics

The campaign to outlaw all semi-automatic firearms is gaining new adherents every day. When those are banned, count on bolt-action rifles to be demonized as "sniper rifles, with no place in civilized society." They want us disarmed. Every gun in private hands is "too deadly," for us mere citizens to own, and if they have their way, the government's hired muscle, armed with just the kinds of guns we cannot be trusted with, will come to take them from us, and kill us if we resist. Well, they can try.


Anonymous said...

Yeh well...We out number ALL the police, Feds, mercenaries and military COMBINED, by more than a million to one...let them try indeed.----Ray

Anonymous said...

Well, if they believe in their policy, they should have no problem publishing the names and addresses of those pushing the policy.

So by what right are they allowed to push to disarm Americans? Right. The First Amendment.

Now look at places where individual ownership of firearms is not allowed. North Korea and China come to mind. Now let's talk about the free-speech rights in those places. Right again. There ain't none.

Quite simply, without armed Americans, our Constitution and Bill of Rights is toast.

So, VPC, wake up or face a bit of "Civil unrest." Americans are not going to stand still, pee in their panties, and give up their guns.

Anonymous said...

What do King Leonidas, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and Michael Collins have in common?

Simply this ...

"Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God."

The tyrants attempts to instill fear has raised defiance, resistance and unity against them.

The tyrants efforts to control our language and distort lies as truth identifies clearly their provocateurs.

Tyrants live in fear, confound their moral conscience performing selfish, wrongful acts and must rely on stolen wealth & power to sustain forces protecting them.

Every tyrannical act betrays their weakness and ineptitude.

The tyrants are morally bankrupt, confused in conscience and reliant on others to perform their evil. Doomed to FAIL.

Stand tall. Remain resolute. Defy. Resist. Smuggle.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the evil sniper rifles, that have no place in polite society:

Anonymous said...

Sniper rifles indeed have a place in maintaining the liberty to have a "polite" society. Also, they are the same rifles that can put wild game meat on our tables and enable us to acquire that meat at long range. Besides, the further away your target, the less likely your target can damage you.

- Old Greybeard

Anonymous said...

No man I know will try to implement any kind of law like this. They want to go home. Those who will try, will find out what those so tasked do fear. This is just too much. The PTwB haven't yet proven they can even implement the ACA without mass casualties. Let alone something like this.