Monday, June 9, 2014

The Las Vegas Shooters and the Bundys.

Just got off the phone with Jerry Delemus, the head of the outer security operation the day that these folks were turned away. These people looked to me like the couple we turned away and Jerry confirmed it. He is positive on the ID. Based on the first images i saw, I was initially hesitant to make a positive ID, although they looked a lot like the folks I remembered. But both Jerry and Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers got a better look the pair of them than I did and while I haven't been able to reach Stewart, Jerry is convinced.
Thus, although they had been down below at the "fruits and nuts" camp for a couple of days (at least since the 14th) and had been interviewed by the media, the interview was done on the property (not owned by the Bundys) below the outer security area where we were a couple of days later when they ventured up to volunteer. The important thing, since the media are already tarring the Bundys with the "association" is:
a. The two of them never got on the Bundy property (not even the outer security camp was on Bundy property).
b. To my knowledge they never met the Bundys.
c. On my recommendation, they were turned away by both Jerry & Stewart.
If the media wishes to make the "Bundy connection" with that set of facts, they are simply parroting a regime narrative absent reality.


Anonymous said...

The smearing has already started. The SPLC is already pointing its fingers. But of course any of the brain dead liberals will be too damned stupid to look for the truth.


Anonymous said...

"[T]he media ... are simply parroting a regime narrative absent reality."

Meh. No real news. SOSDD

Anonymous said...

"If the media wishes to make the "Bundy connection" with that set of facts, they are simply parroting a regime narrative absent reality."

Mike, as you well know, reality and media reporting do not occupy the same boat.

The media stance is simple: "Our mind is made up, don't confuse us with the facts."

Our road ahead will be full of potholes and speed bumps, which is bad enough, but we will also have to counter the lies, deceit, and wholesale corruption of this Bo-Zo administration.

SWIFT said...

The media are not the only ones looking for "ties" between the shooters and the Bundys. Either the Metro Police, or Sheriff's Office, are involved. Instead of trying to appease the media, law enforcement might want to investigate the allegations of drug use. But no, that would take some real work. Silly me!

Anonymous said...

-- wonder if these were the same two that had been turned away because he was a convicted felon?
That was the first thing that came to my mind when I heard the news.

This will be used as a guilt by association tool and even with the facts being what they are, it is a seed planted in the minds of the ill informed and mostly ignorant.

I suspect that it will be the rational for now, going after Bundy. He is a racist. They were harboring cop killers at Bundy Ranch. See what kind of folks these patriots are.....and on and on.

Anonymous said...

Given the media's past track record, this effort should surprise absolutely no one.

Anonymous said...

God works in mysterious ways, Mike.

Had those people in Ohio not been rude, you would not have been at Bundy Ranch to give advise on those people.

Actions like yours are the little things that win wars.

good work and God bless.

Anonymous said...

The smearing has already started. The SPLC is already pointing its fingers. But of course any of the brain dead liberals will be too damned stupid to look for the truth.


June 9, 2014 at 5:26 PM

They don't give a single solitary f**k about the truth. They serve the Father of Lies. Truth is their enemy.

Baja Blitzer said...

how perfect, white,patriot,swastika,and even a Gadsden flag,dont tread on me flag,HA HA HA................kick me we are soooo baaaaadddd........

Anonymous said...

Seems strange that white supremacists would kill white people. Why not direct their hate at a minority?

Maybe they're not white supremacists.

The Gadsden flag was clearly a statement. Is it hard to believe that the swastikas were too? Maybe in the killers' minds they thought they were killing Nazis.

But cops seem to be blind to the public's perception of themselves; therefore, white supremacists.

Also, the media loves it. They get to associate the Gadsden flag, Tea Party, Bundys, and militias with white supremacy. Later, when it becomes clear that the killers were merely crazy and/or evil, but not racist, the media won't have to bother with something silly like a correction.

Waiting for the manifesto...

RC said...

Providence. Had you not been at the Bundy ranch Mike, things might have turned out way different.

Gary Hunt said...

More detail at The Bundy Affair - Vetting the Millers
Mike, I didn't have an email from you, though I did want to get your input on the article (link above), so that it is as accurate as it can be. I have also emailed Stewart for his input. Would appreciate it if you can add, or correct, as warranted, what is included in that article.

Anonymous said...

For the sake of internal reflection in the wake of such a said and needless event, I pose to you this thought: I appreciate the fact that your group chose not to associate with the two perpetrators and you deserve credit for vetting them. However, is it of no concern that people like this seem to draw commonality with your beliefs? I hope it does and I hope that it prompts you to embrace civility and contemplation over ideology and muzzle velocity.

Gary Hunt said...

Anonymous (For the sake of...),
I would say that it is more appropriately attributed to the growing disenchantment with, and sense of disenfranchisement from, our government.
To suggest that some doesn't like chocolate because they are fat and then suggest that another doesn't like chocolate because they are thin, does not come to a valid argument -- nor does your supposition that the two are more closely associated than reality suggests.
They may have been White Supremacists, though the evidence is meager, at best. There are White Supremacists in the militia movement. There are also redhead and handicapped people.
The efforts of the MSM to create associations, where none exist, are perpetuated by those who listen and don't think.