Saturday, June 28, 2014

Connecticut Gun Commission Exhibits Mental Issues of Its Own

That tells us two things: Impartial participation on the commission is neither wanted nor allowed, and there is no way those who made the cut will be satisfied restricting things to Connecticut. They mean to impose their incompetent tyranny on all of us, and they will never be satisfied until we all either bend to it or are removed as potential threats.


Anonymous said...

They might send out letters to those who registered stuff ... how foolish they will feel...especially when the doctors chosen that you have to go to see say that they are no mentally competent to own guns.

Anonymous said...

UCONN gets 550 million from CT each year. The second highest paying job in ct state employees is the UCONN women's hoop team. Norwalk just built a Taj Mahal fire dept bldg where they park all their shiny new cars. If you're on 95 South I think it's exit 14. Look right u can see the new 4 story bldg. The firefighters fitness center is on the second floor. Steyvan ( east haven) is a garden spot these days be sure and stop by the empty strip malls just not after dark. Hamden? Meh just north of some real trouble in NH. Had a friend who moved into NH told me heard shots fired every night (on the border of bad spot). Yale will go down if the lights ever go out NH pd lost the war long ago.

Anonymous said...

300,000 gun owners face jail time

Allen said...

anon 6:37

NH? don't you mean NJ?

other than the border with MA and some minor spots like "little somalia" in manchester, NH is pretty quiet.

CowboyDan said...

I think he was talking about New Haven, where is Yale University.

It''s not a nice place, I've heard. My Connecticut friends wouldnt go there.

"Blood in the streets in the town of New Haven..."

""Peace Frog""

Lyrics from ""Morrison Hotel"" by The Doors

Anonymous said...

@Allen, NH meant New Haven CT which has representation on the Mental Panel as referenced by the article. Once had an 18 yr vet of that force tell me "I could file a report on your theft (over $1k) but honestly no one is going to do anything about it. We can't keep up with Murders Rapes and Armed Robberys so grand larceny is a non starter".