Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Lord works in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform.

Photo of the crowd I would have addressed if the Buckeyes hadn't thrown me out of the meeting. I think the Bundy Ranch worked out more than a little bit better.


Stray Cat 1911 said...

White t-shirt, red hat to right of statue.

Is he hiding his Glock in the folds?

Judas Priest.

Don't think you missed anything, mike.

Anonymous said...

lol, front row w hat... the gun shop guy who endorses Blomberg schemes

the eatery/ watering hole on High St I mentioned previously may still be an option for nourishment and history chatter w certain staff :)

Mark H

Anonymous said...

I submit that this is the level of support for NRA underling groups. Folks have figured out that the NRA has been coopting local groups not unlike the way the Republican Party has tried to do with tea party endeavors. Folks are refusing to offer their support for these establishment attempts at what I consider ways to control and indeed stifle our aim to stand up to longstanding undermining of constitutional dissent.

News media loves to claim how powerful the NRA is but it really isn't. It's just another media fabrication. Over a century of "activism" and only 4 million strong? Sheesh, the TEA Party isn't yet a decade old and it overshadows that 4 million probably 20 to one.

This picture is like a moms demand action rally! That's cuz it really is membership cut from the same cloth with the same top down "leadership".

Mike, I'm glad thing worked out as they did.
Now if we can just get you to wash your hands totally of that backstabbing organization trading our rights away in deals......

Karl said...

Don't let that group give everyone in Ohio a bad name. But yes, it was better for you to be in Nevada last weekend.

Anonymous said...

So this is the group that we all hid behind anonymous names out of fear?!?! Fear of what? Being eaten? I think these characters need to stop having meetings at the buffet places and instead meet up at the gym. They also need to watch the Waco movie while they are at it.

From looking at this, it makes perfect sense why this group did not get along with you.

Anon @ 11:09am - Yeah, glad you pointed out the gunshop guy who called us all cowards for posting anonymously. Yet when I asked him if the paper quoted him accurately as supporting Bloomberg registration scheme, he never responded. All it took was a quick google search to find that article, too.

Paul Kisling said...

I still hope the BATF visits those assholes.

Are those Select Fire weapons they are holding??? Looks like it to me.

Anonymous said...

Karl, I agree with you that there are many great Ohioans. I used to shoot with some in the N-SSA many years ago.

That one particular day it really looked like this site had a flyby of a squadron of errant heavy bombers.