Tuesday, April 1, 2014

'Guns everywhere' in Georgia--why is that a problem?

There's a reason that the anti-self-defense zealots refuse to make a distinction between the concepts of "guns everywhere," and "guns everywhere except where there is no potential need for them." It's because even they lack the audacity to try to dispute the fact that no such distinction exists.


Chaplain Tim said...

I recently had a conversation with a local school teacher. She had to sit through a mandated class on "Recognizing the stress students encounter outside of school" where the instructor's first example was the fact that our county leads the state in percentage of CCW permit holders. She immediately informed him that over half of the teachers present had their permits, and asked why he thought that was a problem. Left him speechless- as a good little drone he'd never considered that teachers might own guns.
Now if we can just get the (teachers who want to) to carry on campus, we'll be making progress.

Anonymous said...

This is the work of GeorgiaCarry.Org working with these legislatures and relentlessly pursuing them to pass these good gun laws. Its the best $15 you can ever spend. If you live, work, or visit in Georgia its well worth the money to become a member. All the money goes to lobbying efforts, they guys working get NOTHING. No money at all.