Thursday, April 10, 2014

Gun rights activist proposes state solution to help curb federal abuses

As a tense situation unfolds in Nevada, an activist from another western state has developed what he bills as “a helpful, if not a total ...outside the box solution” for “reining in federal employees.” Calling it “a useful tool for the states' took kit that should not be ignored,” Montana Shooting Sports Association President Gary Marbut has proposed the Government Workers Licensing Act to exert state authority over federal employees and to require training in rights to be part of their certification requirement.


Anonymous said...,0,272408.story?page=2#axzz2yXbWFnYe

Shooting the wrong people is turning into a bad habit for these dickheads.

Anonymous said...

Now we are cooking with Wesson.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. I also think anyone taking an oath to defend the Constitution, should have to take a 24 hour Constitution Class. Four 6 hour classroom sessions with a test at the end that they have to pass to keep their job.

bloodyspartan said...

This is a sick Joke, A state law to rein in the feds.


NO Govt. All these Federal agencis have to go they are only authorized for Defense.

Why In God's name should anyone transfer the reins.
ANd trying to get out of this legally means nothing unless the beast is starved which is what they really want to destroy the US and sell of the pieces.

Unless they are sold to the folks whom they stole it from, Unless all the illegals get out.

More laws are a waste of time and allow the enemy to kill more of us and consolidate power.

Sound like mark levin bs, sell a book, love a dog ,every 2 years a new scam.

It is our Duty and Right to Institute new and better government.

This country is crumbling to Communism because there is no Honor and now the fools want more laws.

Get a life. Stop stalling and get to removing not adding.

SWIFT said...

How about patriots, militia, gun owners groups, Tea Party, Constitution groups and all conservatives in general, adopt the NATO policy that says: An attack on one, is an attack on us all? If an attack occurs, we meet it face on, with overwhelming force? An armed citizenry can afford to be impolite.

Anonymous said...

More government licensing is hardly "outside the box".
It's actually "same old, same old".

Paul X said...

Well, being an anarchist, I have to question Gary Marbut's idea (although I suspect it was more tongue-in-cheek than anything, or a propaganda gambit). But please guys take it easy on him. He is responsible for more pro-gun legislation in Montana than any other person, by far.