Saturday, April 19, 2014

Flyers calling for registration of Jews in Ukraine provide chilling reminder of past

"Jews in the eastern Ukrainian city of Donetsk where pro-Russian militants have taken over government buildings were told they have to 'register' with the Ukrainians who are trying to make the city become part of Russia," USA Today reported Thursday.


Mark Matis said...

The REST of the story:

It appears our corrupt government may have a hand in those flyers.

And still more:

But then I'm sure our FedPigs will get to the bottom of this, and if Administration officials are involved, they will be arrested and appropriately charged for their acts...

Or not...

AJ said...

Another CIA false-flag.

Anonymous said...

I had been wondering if President Putin's actions were leading to a restoration of the USSR or the Tsardom.

I guess the precursor to pogroms explains it pretty well.

Anonymous said...

What we know about the ‘grotesque’ leaflet handed out to Jews in Donetsk

Kristophr said...

There is some controversy over exactly who distributed those flyers:

The ethnic Russians are blaming Ukrainian Svoboda Neo-Nazis.

The Russian Federation is blaming the CIA.

Ukrainians in Eastern Ukraine are blaming the Ethnic Russians.


Anonymous said...

Even the ADL calls BS on this.

Anonymous said...

If this is a joke, then it's a sick joke.

If it isn't a joke, then my prayers are with the Jews of the city of Donetsk.

I sure hope any Jewish members of those Ukrainian militias a few weeks back weren't stupid enough to turn in the weapons they procured.

If someone wants to register human being, bad things are sure to follow.

Precision270 said...

Register Jews, register guns. What could possibly go wrong.
Oh wait.
I think there is some historical precedent here. sigh

THEBigFatPanda said...

Hope this time their first and only response is a loud and hearty FUCK YOU!!!
Followed by gunfire if need be.

Mark Matis said...

At this point, you can bet it was staged:
by the Ukranian government with the help of the US and EU.

Anonymous said...

Another vote for this being a CIA false flag.

Anonymous said...

the attack on the Chabad House there
is all too real.

see Mystical Paths

Carl Stevenson said...

Anon at 1:46
The ADL is run by a bunch of statist Judenraten. Don't take them as a definitive source.
Watch/read instead what's said at