Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bob Wright's observations on a militia response to the Bundy struggle.

Having received more than a few complaints about the Bundy request (relayed by Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers to his people) that folks who show up to assist them not dress in camo, as described here, I asked Bob Wright for his thoughts on the matter. Here they are:
Just a few observations here. I am not surprised that the Bundys have requested a more relaxed posture at the actual protest site. Nor am I surprised at the howls of protest at that request. One day perhaps our side will learn that these things have pathology. A timeline if you will. At different points during the development of these situations different language, dress, attitude and posture may be required. One of the great failings of our side is a seeming avoidance of learning from the past, or learning from our enemies. Revolution is not going to spring whole from the desert floor on Nevada. If one were to judge from the angry posts on social media , and some really “dramatic” YouTube posts you would think millions of patriots are just waiting to take a sack of beef jerky and Daddy’s 30.30 and rush off into full blown armed conflict with the leviathan.
Gentlemen, I will posit that there is nothing in our history, current events or just common sense tells us this is likely. What we do have here is a pretty good opportunity to start managing the narrative in a fashion that gives pause to the blind acceptance of the government/media presentation of reality. More importantly there exists a possibility, if some misguided yet enthusiastic participant doesn’t screw it up, for us to bring to the national stage so many of the issues that are being ignored by the mainstream media. That indifference of the media means the bulk of people actually have no idea what is happening in Nevada or anywhere else. God forbid that we are required to exercise the power of the second amendment, but if it comes to that the bulk, of the country is completely unaware of our grievances, or the injury done to the constitution and by extension freedom in our land. If we are destined to take this struggle to the battlefield there is plenty of time to dress in battle gear and the various accoutrements of war. I posit that now is a good time to score as many points as possible in the propaganda war that is going on all the time and at which, quite frankly we suck!
Those who are going as Militia should be an entity that people can look at and say they are a comfort. Part of that is recognizing that one should show up in a uniform that is appropriate to the mission at hand. The mission at this point is to put a large, vocal contingent of Patriots on site, as a show of support not just for this beleaguered family but for the principles they have stood for. The proper uniform, at this point is that of the common man. Mao once said “the guerrilla must move amongst the people as a fish in the sea." This means that we must have the support of the people. Here gentleman is an excellent opportunity to increase our standing among the people. But we must be prepared to contain or urges and to exercise discipline at all times. Can we rise to that challenge? Can we subordinate our anger and frustration so the cause may be furthered and our perception in the public's eye, if not improved, suffers no further injury?
Bob Wright
1st Brigade, New Mexico Militia.
I must say I concur with Bob's wise counsel. A lot of people are going to show up at the Bundy Ranch with their own agendas. These will range from the well-intentioned to the foolish to the nefarious. But if their motivations are to actually support the Bundys then they will conform to the Bundys' wishes.


Blackhawk45 said...


WarriorClass III said...

I respect both your and Bob's position and reasoning. I think that it is reasonable to dress in a more casual and "western" manner that includes a rifle over our shoulders and a hand gun at out sides. This conforms to the attire, atmosphere and seriousness of the situation. We aren't the ones trying to start a war here, but we should indicate our willingness to win one by being armed if it comes to that. Otherwise this is just a parade that no one is going to see.

Anonymous said...

Wearing camo IS something the common man does - both within the organized military and without.

This post strikes me somewhat like what a certain NRA board member was seriously taken to task for. For at least the last fifteen years, I have witnessed this dogma that we have to conform to this dress code so we can appeal to some imaginary squishy middle that is going to make their decision based in attire. Frankly, it's rediculous.

We have been conformist in the first place and that's what got us INTO this mess.

Whiles maybe not quite a Lexington and Concord, can you folks imagine those asked to come and take a stand of importance being told what to wear - as if THAT was among the things that actually mattered?

Understand this fellas, the establishment media is NEVER going to give our side a fair shake OR a fair hearing. We could all show up in suits and ties and it STILL wouldn't matter. There could be literally ONE person there out of that "uniform" and the media would point at that one person..... And they will plain make things up (can you say spitting at pelosi and others walking with the gavel?).

I respectfully disagree with the assessment here and await that final straw that sees latent naysayers join the position I attest its time for. And you both will, eventually. I portend that the both of you actually agree its time to shed the notion that attire actually matters but that you just aren't quite ready to risk influencing others who have yet to make up their own mind and thus risk blame if this goes south.

Guess what! Yer gonna catch blame anyway. An attempt to avoid that is futile - and for the same reasons above. A corrupt media will never accept such peace offerings beyond pure bowing to the progressive agenda.

Just like with Muslims, the kindness and civility you a aspouse is viewed as WEAKNESS and those exhibiting it are treated as weak.

Anonymous said...

Well said....wise words. Thanks for posting them. Again, cooler heads will hopefully prevail.

Miles said...

"One of the great failings of our side is a seeming avoidance of learning from the past, or learning from our enemies."

Orson Scott Card wrote it best: "....There is no teacher but the enemy. No one but the enemy will ever tell you what the enemy is going to do. No one but the enemy will ever teach you how to destroy and conquer. Only the enemy shows you where you are weak. Only the enemy tells you when he is strong. And the rules of the game are what you can do to him and what you can stop him from doing to you...."

Anonymous said...

And if folks don't know what the Bundy's want them to wear -- should they be banned from being there? Should they be sent home because they didn't get the 'memo'?
I think everyone who shows up is taking time out of their busy lives to help someone out who is in a bind and should be welcomed to stand next to those who are in t-shirts & jeans. No matter what they are wearing.
(besides, those in camo should probably be up in those hills behind the feds)

Anonymous said...

"I must say I concur with Bob's wise counsel. A lot of people are going to show up at the Bundy Ranch with their own agendas."

Dutchman, I read "William Diamond's Drum" at your suggestion. One thing I took away from it was that many of the people on Lexington Green that morning had an agenda. I suspect most of the participants wanted the whole thing to go away so that their tomorrows would look pretty much like their yesterdays. Hancock wanted to be a star. The Militia wanted to put the Regulars and Marines on notice that they were being watched and would be held accountable for any transgressions. His Majesty's troops (and at least one of their officers) mostly wanted to get the detail over with and get back to their barracks.

Sam Adams was having none of that! Sam Adams wanted a war!

Put a lot of angry, sleep deprived, armed men and women in close proximity to an opposing group of angry, sleep deprived, armed men and women and all it takes is one Sam Adams.

Anonymous said...

Sage advice to be sure.
Well stated.
Thank you.

SWIFT said...

@WarriorClass111, I couldn't agree more. Every now and again, we need a Battle of Athens ,Tennessee to remind tyrants of their place. Let the thugs of BLM start the war; we'll take it from there.

Anonymous said...

Thought about asking a neighbor if I could borrow their big, bad a_ _ Pitbull to bring with on Saturday. He doesn't "play well with others" and would take on the German Shepherds seen in the video.

I tend to think it is the Bundy's Ranch and fight, therefore, I will support them and abide by their wishes. Any sign slogan ideas would be appreciated. I have a couple of ideas.

bystrom said...

I always figured jt was a righteous heart, soul and spirit of a patriot that makes a tyrant tremble with fear.

Never thought of any of this as being a fashion show. I would also say that anyone showing up in newer military pattern cammies would look like an outsider in most rural towns. But if it is a fashion show, Real Tree and Mossy Oak civilian pattern let you blend in, and not look like an outsider.

AJ said...

Bob is wise on this matter to be sure. What is needed more than anything is numbers. A few dozen people showing up and interfering with the feds just end up looking like nuts. A few hundred, on the other hand, start becoming a major PR issue for the feds. And if those few hundred happen to be armed, even if not showing arms right out of the gate, then the feds will have to show some detente.
A shootout with the Bundys and 30-40 supporters can be pretty easily twisted by the feds and lapdog media. A shootout with 500 civilians/militia/whathaveyou? While it would probably be a rout for them, it would be an absolute PR disaster for the feds. So they have to show considerably more restraint. Not to mention probably forcing the hand of the Sheriff and the Governor.
Numbers are the key here.

Anonymous said...

“God forbid that we are required to exercise the power of the second amendment, but if it comes to that the bulk, of the country is completely unaware of our grievances, or the injury done to the constitution and by extension freedom in our land. “

Mr. Wright--I am a fan of your work. Thank you for it. I have a cavil without any opinion on your greater point.

This cavil may be over a mistranscription of what you wrote or a typo. If so, I withdraw the cavil. This comment is over the word “constitution.”

We all have constitutions. Mine is great. Thank you for asking! I hope yours is good, too. What this is about is The Constitution of the United States of America.

The Constitution. Capital “C.” I know you know what I am getting at.

While I am about it. What is a “First Amendment Area?” I don't see GPS coordinates in my copies of the Constitution. Am I mistaken? Isn't anywhere I open my mouth to protest any abridgement of the freedom of speech a First Amendment Area? If I choose to peaceably assemble anywhere to petition the Government for a redress of any grievances isn't that a First Amendment Area?

If not, why not?

Cameraman said...

I have to agree with anon at 1:46m we are going to be the Bad Guys no matter What we are Wearing, I think its way past time to Show up to the Game with Game Day Uniforms, for years the MSM, and Government have made the Militias out to Be Crazy People With Guns.

Yet we Face the JBT just as Crazed and With Weapons..time to even the Odds...If you go armed you may as well have all the Battle Rattle..lets show them it time to Shute or Git!~!!!

Semper Fi

Anonymous said...

Let's see. They already stole his cattle, physically threw a women to the ground, tazed a man more than once, and are planning to trespass on private property. I dare you to cross this line, Oh ok, I dare you to cross this one. Oh you did, ok I dare double dare you to cross this one. This is why no one will show in numbers, there is no strategy and there is nothing to stop them by protesting. You want people from all over this nation to come to Nevada in dress code, unarmed, to do what, have a bitch session. I'm out. We can bitch on the net like we always do and get nowhere.

Holden McGroin said...

I must agree with Bob; the people who are directly involved, the Bundy family, and the Oath Keepers are politely asking people to dress like other local folks; the idea is not to escalate, or rattle sabers. Not the time to wear 'shoot me first' garb. As for the first Revolutionary War, the people wore what they wore every day. And as for that jackhole 'free speech area' - I have a friend who was a scout/sniper in Nam who said he would be glad to show the local folks how to select really neat Second Amendment zones in the surrounding area. His favorite saying is, from a place you will not see comes a shot you will not hear.

bloodyspartan said...

how can you ask anyone to come stand with you for whatever may come and then tell him what to dress in.

Sounds like the Feds all over again.

total resistance said...

Dress like other know...sheep. This same situation has happened over and over and people do not get it. The government wants you unarmed and to do nothing. The government wins every time and never takes a hit. The government has been firing "first shots" for decades and no one resists. If they come for me I don't care if you wear camo, hippie clothes, KKK robe, yarmulkes, scuba suit, Che T-shirts or are naked as long as you have guns and the will to use them.

Anonymous said...

Things are a lot different than they were in 'Nam.

You can bet the feds have shot locators, FLIR and other high tech gadgets to ensure even a well concealed and trained sniper team will be found.

I'm not saying that resistance is futile in the slightest....simply that it's not as cut and dried as some are making it.

Harleqwin said...

and all that tech gadgetry means is take one shot and move.

Anonymous said...

Maybe 'ol Harleqwin should go back to writing romance novels and leave the sniper tactics to those familiar with the latest tech from A-Stan and IRQ??

I'm sure many would benefit from a dissertation from those with actual, relevant recent experience.

Paul X said...

Don't forget that some who show up are likely to be government provocateurs.

Anonymous said...

Actually, dressing like locals is a good idea. The best weapon is one in disguise. The mainstream media is easily beaten by sending up fpv drones outfitted with flir, hd zooming cameras and then streaming that feed live into YouTube or any militia website..hell.. All of them. That raw live footage from the good guys in the air and on the ground destroys the tactics of media. In fact what our media employs is out of a released CIA manual on how to overthrow a government. They've been using the same tactics just different technology. Anyways...we the people can beat them. We have the resources to do it.

Hugh said...

The British wore uniforms, which made them fine and dandy targets.
Wearing military camo among the commoners may not be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Bundy has beaten the BLM (for now). Stay vigilant....I doubt the feds are done.