Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Well, guys, you were looking for the miracle that would motivate me to get Absolved into print.

I guess St. Barbara, the patron saint of gunners and fools, just did.


Bob said...

Strike while the iron is hot, they say. And make hay while the sun shines, they also say.

TPaine said...

'Bout time, Mike! Put me down for one of your first-run editions...and I'll pay a little extra if you'll autograph it for me, too!

At first I thought you might have to "vanity press" the thing, but now that you're literally famous, the big boys will be beating a path to your door. Hold out for the big bucks! And it should make the Best-Seller list, for sure!

LOL! I can see you sittin' with the ladies on "The View", dishing it out to Whoopie and Joy!

Backwoods Engineer said...

You get it into print, and we'll take care of buying lots of them.

Anonymous said...

Dumb question, but is it available someplace all in one file, like a single PDF?

Paul X said...

I'm waiting patiently. OK, maybe not so patiently!

An ebook version would be nice. Make some money, pay your bills, hire a lawyer! :-)

Cederq said...

Yes Mike, it would be nice to have a miracle happen, some of us are waiting patiently for the novel... (wink, wink) I am almost ready to convert to the Roman Catholicism to pray for any Saint to produce said miracle.

Kevin Cederquist
ABob now, formally SD Bob

John Robert Mallernee said...

Mr. Vanderboegh:

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!!

We've sure been waiting for a loooong time!

I was wondering if it would EVER be published?

By the way, I love ricin.

It's one of my favorite meals, and we get it almost every day in our mess hall.

I like ricin soy sauce, ricin gravy, ricin chili, ricin stew, ricin beans, ricin mixed vegetables, ricin shrimp, ricin chicken, ricin - - - ?

Also, I've decided to be a terrorist and join the Nazi Communist Party (or is it the Communist Nazi Party?).

Oh, to heck with that political stuff!

At OUR party, we'll have FUN singing, joking, playing games, and swapping lies.

After all, ain't that what a party is for?

But, seriously, when I see those Occupy Wall Street groups on television, something about it reminds me of scenes from the movie, "DOCTOR ZHIVAGO".

Maybe because they're ignorant masses being manipulated by Bolsheviks?

Who do you reckon are the REAL "domestic enemies" these days?

Thank you.

John Robert Mallernee
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Gulfport, Mississippi 39507

chgosux said...

I say get the whole thing out there right now, in a single file, so the lazy can put it on their kindle or iphone and read it. Put a second forward in there with the quotes from the "for the media" post, and expand on those points. Who would normally buy it anyway? Just us 3pers and a few media outlets intent on smearing us. Right now, these arrests are a good way to diminish MV's contributions to alerting everyone on the gunwalker program, and serves as a distraction: "LOOK! He's connected to terrorists, don't listen to him!" There's a narrow window to act, where we can say "the FBI tells you this book says 'X', read it for yourself", and have any chance to be believed.

Sgt Survival said...

Yeah Mike...I'd all but given up hope on seeing Absolved come to fruition. What with all the Gunwalker stuff that keeps popping up every day, I'm just grateful when you throw us a bone with an occasional Praxis every now and then. BTW, with all the "new" followers out there, it may be a good time to repost some more of the "golden oldies" to help get the newbies squared away.

Seriously though, I've been looking forward to the release of Absolved (in its entirety) since I found the pieces online. Don't keep us waiting much longer. Please.

Backwoods Engineer said...

Anonymous, I captured the whole novel (along with the extraneous data on the WRSA pages) on PDF sometime back because I thought that the Fibbies were going to try to purge it off the 'Net. It would take quite a lot of work to get "clean" PDF copy from that. However, you are welcome to my PDF grabs. Private message me at with your email address, and I will send them to you.

Scott J said...

Table, Knob Creek, boxes of books and you with a pen.

Later you soak your pen hand in ice :)

Anonymous said...

This opportunity won't come round again soon. Start advertising pre-print sales on the book. Others do it.

Pericles said...

The great thing about having fools for opponents, is they often walk into a trap as fast as they can.

Absolved in print will be a win for the 3%.

And a movie deal for you would be justice deserved.

JoeFromSidney said...

Don't go the "vanity press" route. Use Amazon's CreateSpace as a publisher. They got my book (RESISTANCE TO TYRANNY) out in a hurry. Once the original file is "clean," convert it to a PDF, and publish it.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the lefties comparing ABSOLVED to THE TURNER DIARIES. There is no resemblance whatsoever, but that doesn't stop them from smearing you. They'd do better to compare it to John Ross's UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. It does have some similarities to the latter.

Dedicated_Dad said...



sofa said...

tharMatt Bracken might be another one to consult regarding publishing.
(just an idea)

Dedicated_Dad said...

BTW - me too for the "autographed copy"


pdxr13 said...

"The Turner Diaries" was junk, hard to read. Not wrong in every way, but not a very good story. It was hard to sympathize with the main character.

"Unintended Consequences" is good stuff. Three dimensional characters, difficult choices, unknown possible results, determination, grit. Unfortunately, expensive used and long OOP.

Keep "Absolved" available, and "in-print" by listing it on Amazon (even if they do fulfillment) after the publisher remainders the printed books. US tax code has made it uneconomical for publishers to keep important books available, so authors (and their friends) have to. You won't get royalties, but you get the income from selling the books.

Where do I send the check? To the FBI mail drop?


Harry Scrote said...

Would Paladin Press be too 'niche'?
"here it is! The Blood Soaked Novel You've heard about! 'Absolved!' -

Early reviews:

"It is scawwy! Made me go pee pee in my Depends!" - Joe Biden

"this should be grounds for beheading! The man is an obvious racist!" - Eric Holder

"Reading some of the really rough, bloody, explosive, dangerous, exciting parts made me, well, 'wet', in ways that I have never felt before with a man!"
- Rachel Madcow

" As I read this racist, violent blood-soaked book, I felt a tingle running up my leg, and this time it was not Barney Frank's moustache!" - Chrissie Mathews

Anonymous said...

Finish it and Publish, Absolutely!! (pun intended). Any publicity is good. BTW, you were referenced on Fox News at 6:00 last night.

Happy D said...

Ill wind blew some good after all.

Paul X said...

We were discussing "Absolved" on the Free State Wyoming forum. Boston T. Party (author of "Boston's Gun Bible" among others) made this point:

"A book is never really done; there's always a temptation to tinker.
My experience has been that it's better to just get the thing published.
A 95% book today beats a 100% book next _____."

Capt45 said...

Woot! Woot! Please put me down for a copy and +1 to what TPaine said (extra for an autographed copy!!).

It's a great story, Mike! Congrats and best of luck with it all.

Capt45 said...

Woot! Woot! I want a copy, too and +1 to TPaine about extra for an autographed copy!

Congrats on this and best of luck with it all.

Anonymous said...

Me too!

I'll buy at least two copies, probably three (loaners, dontcha know). Definitely want one autographed!

BTW, Accurate Press ( say "Unintended Consequences is unavailable. We will post the next printing here for sale. It will be softcover." That note has been on their web page for years. I 'spect to see Absolved before UC makes it to paperback...

There is a .PDF of UC somewhere out there on the 'net -- I found it years ago but have since forgotten where. I think the name was simply "uc.pdf"

Peet (lurker fron W.Mass.)