Monday, November 14, 2011

Pining for the good old days of murderous collectivism -- in Iowa.

Many leftist intellectuals sympathize with mass homicide?


Anonymous said...

Great article! Too bad the NYT will never print it and no broadcaster will ever discuss it on any "issues' or "talk" show.

You can see the Marxists/Socialists/fascists/Communists on full display, just by turning on the TV. You can have them with you all day if you carry the paper with you.

When they discuss freedom, they mean the freedom to live as they tell you, not as you want. They never discuss that little point because they don't believe in true freedom. They believe in power and the elevation of themselves as leaders, who just incidentally beneifit from all that "acquired" power.

possum said...

Interesting comment from the essay: In the January 1849 edition of Marx's journal "Neue Reinische Zeitung," Engels wrote, "Basques, Scottish Highlanders, Serbs are racial trash and will have to be destroyed."

Historically those three groups have been fiercely independent and notoriously difficult to govern and nearly impossible to conquer.

The first two have never been subdued. It took the full force of the modern 20th century US Military to bring the Serbs to heel, for reasons which serve a Stateist agenda.

I read a good comment yesterday from Pilgirms Pride at WRS in reference to Mike's essay 'Loosing The Mandate Of Heaven', which I find worthy of a re-post here, for your consideration:

Not all of us are decended from the Mayflower group or the Great Awakening families who fought early and hard for Life, Liberty and the Pursuit, but we need to revive their spirit.

Tom Stedham said...

Go take a look at what else this guy has produced...

"Using archival footage from the 1960s and 1970s, the film also intersperses recent interviews with high profile ex-Weathermen like Bernardine Dohrn, David Gilbert, Bill Ayers, Mark Rudd and Brian Flanagan, who talk about their involvement in the organization, their experiences, and the trajectory that led them to be placed on the FBI's Most Wanted list."

TPaine said...

There is little hope left. We can only pray that good will win in the end. Only problem is, will it be THE end?

Anonymous said...

"Leftist Intellectuals" don't make very good soldiers. On the other hand, the "Three Percent" are coiled and ready for the coming event. When it comes, the wrath of the armed intellectuals of the right will hunt these traitors down and remove them from our midst.

Blue said...

There definitely are a few nutcases in Iowa City. :)

Skip said...

Mike, we are like you.
Auld Pharts who are on the way out.
For the kids we need more praxis. We have guns,[80 million] ammo, [not enough] stay bags, go bags, but no network outside of our ten like minded neighbors.
When the hoard come down my street I'm sure we can stop them for awhile.
Some more praxis will help.

Michael Gilson said...

Just to be clear, the guy who produced "The Weather Underground" is the guy who produced "Utopia in Four Movements" that the Iowa City resident who wrote this column is debunking. I can't argue about nut cases in Iowa City, but Mr. Skaskiw the author of the column doesn't seem to be one of them.