Tuesday, November 22, 2011

OK, we can all go home & quit badgering the Gunwalkers now. Carolyn Maloney sez "Eric Holder is being blamed for a program that is not his creation."

"Fast and Furious 'scandal' is a Republican red herring: What we really need are tougher gun laws."




Anonymous said...

OK - so if maloney's assertion is correct - whose idea was F&F? And why on earth would he approve such an obviously unworkable scheme. Nope - the only one's trying to throw out red herrings are maloney and her ilk.

BTW - if holder is so 'innocent' why is he doing such a bang up job of trying to cover up the whole thing?

Anonymous said...

Operation Gunrunner was CLEARLY designed,intended,and carried out as a false flag operation to give weight to accusations from Eric Holder that we "need" more "gun control" "laws" to stop EXACTLY what the "Justice" department under Holder did- the flow of guns bought and sold in America to Mexican organized crime.

Lets allow the federal government more leeway in violating that which it is directly told it shall not infringe.

That'll make the world a violence free utopia.

This incident PROVES the futility of "gun control",because even if we Mundanes have to obey such "laws".......its not like dangerous criminals can't still get their hands on guns courtesy of the federal government.

But of course-
Thats all OUR fault and the fault of that darn evil Second Amendment.

Have the socialist progressives ever considered that, historically,governments that make their own law and obey the laws they "feel like" being obedient to,and have used weapons laws to establish a monopoly on the use of force- have killed more people in the last century alone then any one outbreak of virulent disease?

Or is their constant harping in support of and for MORE "gun control" just a part of their broader agenda?

Carolyn Maloney I got 2 words for you-


Female III said...

I think I just saw Carolyn Maloney in a Walmart People email that someone just sent me. The one where a fat woman with a drainage bag hanging below her hot pants tries to breast feed herself in Aisle 4.

rdf67 said...

You would expect an opinion like this in July - not after documents rebuke the "ATF botched sting gone awry, trace failed" DOJ plant by Tracy Schmaler. Maloney's staff has failed her in a lame attempt to be somebody on something she knows nothing about.
We can expect more of this in every area where Dems control. She owes the Terry family an apology they will never receive.

Anonymous said...

Pass all the new gun laws you think you can get away with.
#2-You can have my guns and ammo - one round at a time. Just stand a little downfrange to catch them better.

B Woodman

Mt Top Patriot said...

Mike where do you come up with some of these pics and graphics?
Its the context you use them in that is so rich.
I nearly choked to death laughing so hard over the red herring!

Anonymous said...

Represntative Carol Maloney's defense of Holder is replete with sophistry. To cite only two examples:

"As with all Washington scandals, one must look behind the allegations. Holder explained that some of the weekly reports reviewed by his staff did occasionally mention Fast and Furious, though none of the documents (which he provided to the committee) gave any indication of controversial tactics — or that these had gone wrong. "

Translation: Holder did not incriminate himself with the documents he provided to Issa's committee. (So, since he did not offer self-incriminating evidence, he must be innocent!?)

"Multiple officials from Justice and ATF testified they didn’t know about illegal guns flowing to Mexico, either."

While this is nominaly true, it is substantively false. Holder offered perjured testimony and so did his lieutenants.

New Yorkers pride themselves on their refinement and sophistication. Why can't they see through Maloney's baloney?


Anonymous said...

"New Yorkers pride themselves on their refinement and sophistication. Why can't they see through Maloney's baloney?"

In this as in so many other areas, New Yorkers define for themselves where the boundaries are. Things are cool because they agree that they are cool.

In short, Maloney's Baloney is not baloney in New York because New Yorkers choose to see it, and her, otherwise.

Anonymous said...

She got the memo, and doubles down, with a logic fail that any parent of teenagers can see thru easily "they did it too!".

Shame on her for repeating the 90%/80%/74% State Dept lie already so roundly discredited.

I'm sure theres many NY'ers who voted for her, who will deeply regret that choice, as more are waking up to how badly she misrepresents them to the nation.

Keep spreading the word.
Election time is coming...

Bad Cyborg said...

"The philosophy of gun control: Teenagers are roaring through town at 90MPH, where the speed limit is 25. Your solution is to lower the speed limit to 20."
- Sam Cohen; inventor of the neutron bomb

Ain't nothin' I could possibly add to that.