Wednesday, November 30, 2011

FOX: 'Fast and Furious' Whistleblowers Struggle Six Months After Testifying Against ATF Program. Why don't the GOP leaders defund the retaliators?

This is a fact, and actually underplays some of the crap these guys are experiencing. The question is, what does the Isaa Committee intend to do about it besides talk? The House has the purse strings, right? Then why don't they defund the retaliators? Perhaps because they're not serious?


And while President Obama has said the operation was a mistake and that "people who screwed up will be held accountable," the record so far does not bear that out. Those in charge of the botched operation have been reassigned or promoted, their pensions intact. But many of those who blew the whistle face isolation, retaliation and transfer.

NOTE: Still out and about. More later.


Anonymous said...

Issa is a pussy who is worried first about advancing his personal name brand. Grassley is Mr. Magoo's retarded brother. I hate to break it to you Mike, but you've probably wasted the last year of your life on this story. The government and media are so goddamned corrupt now that apparently no amount of evidence of a crime matters. The only two capital offenses left in the US are slurs against gays or ethnic minorities. Find some evidence that Holder has ever uttered the word "fag" and he'll be asked to resign before the day is done.

Ashrak said...

The Speaker of the House continues to remain the Silent Speaker.

John Boehner is in violation of his oath of office and derelict in his duty.

The GOP as a party is just as corrupt as the Democratic Party, with both being interested mainly in how to keep those tax dollars coming so they can be used to buy votes for that thing called an election.

With the response to GunWalker being what it is, and isn't, the feckless GOP has proven to all who are not blind just which side they are really on - and while it is debatable whether they are 1%ers or 99%ers, those sitting in elected office all over the country most certainly aren't 3%ers.

The absolute best that the most strident "defenders of the Constitution" is to band together and send a strongly worded letter "requesting" a resignation? Really?

It is hard to decide which party is working harder to keep GunWalker covered up these days. One thing that is not hard to see is that the GOP has no backbone and no will to do the right thing, the proper thing - that being blow the GunWalker Scandal wide open with the chips falling where they may.

The GOP is just as interested in keeping gun control on the table as the Democrat party is. Both love the divisive campaign issue more than the solution agreed to long ago, you know, the solution called the Second Amendment which itself states quite clearly...... Shall Not Be Infringed.

The GOP will do nothing of substance, neither will party faithful members. Too much of their treasured power is at stake and they don't want to risk that being taken away from them by Citizens with them, we remain subjects with allowances and that is right where they, like the Democrats, want to keep us.

rdf67 said...

Megyn Kelly covered this story with William Lajeunesse today, noting that Dodson had been transferred to SC and is living in an apt while his house remains unsold in Phoenix. No one has been fired by Holder who claims he will hold those responsible "accountable". Depends on the Clintonistas definition of accountable, eh?

bondmen said...

I'm so sorry to say it but, both mainstream, or is it lamestream, political parties are whores and street walkers, the only difference being Democrat pols take the left side of the street while Pubbie pols take the right side! The Johns are plentiful and can be found surrounding them tickling their ears with promised tricks on the come - all in a manner of speaking.

America needs a re-awakening in the Spirit of the Founding Fathers; a re-establishment of Constitutional government with power returned into the capable hands of We The People. This is our hope, this is the change we demand.

Bad Cyborg said...

Mike asked "Why don't the GOP leaders defund the retaliators?"

Cause that would require the GOP leadership to actually have balls instead of those little silicon prosthetics - you know? Neuticles? If you're waiting for BONE-er - or ANY politician - to actually get off their elitist ASS and DO something you got a LLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGG assed wait, m' friend. Hope you're not waitin' supper on it. Gonna get mighty skinny waitin' for THAT to happen.

Bad Cyborg said...

Those in charge of the botched operation have been reassigned or promoted, their pensions intact. But many of those who blew the whistle face isolation, retaliation and transfer.

Anybody who is actually SURPRISED by the above is hereby directed to send me $20 to cover shipping and handling for a FREE 30-day supply of smart pills.

Anonymous said...

Issa and Grassley came out of the same mould as cry baby Boehner, spineless !

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Wonder how many more canoeing accidents we'll see next year?

aughtsix said...

Mike has not wasted a year of his life. Shining the light of truth on the cockroaches is never a waste of time.

How many people have had their eyes opened for the first time? How many more have had their resolve hardened?

Do we judge the effectiveness of our actions on the behavior of spineless pols? Did you expect that the disease would cure itself?

darkness is like cold. It has no power of its own. It cannot stand an active principle. Cold is merely the absence of heat and darkness the absence of light.

Kinda like good v. evil and truth v. lies.

Keep the Light on, Mike!