Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Facts are stubborn things. The latest from Sen. Grassley on the 90 percent myth.

U.S. Guns in Mexico. Setting the Record Straight from the Justice Department Oversight Hearing


Dedicated_Dad said...


If I'm reading this correctly -- which is difficult since it follows the usual BATFEces "let's jump around and mix things up so they can't ever pin us down" statistical methodology:
Only about one-fourth of guns seized in Mexico are traced by ATF, and only about one-fourth of such traces show the gun was ever sold by a US-Licensed FFL dealer.

Ergo, only about one-EIGHTH of weapons seized in Mexico came from Licensed Dealers in the US!

This (ie:~12.5%) lines up about as well as can be expected with the "~14%" figure we were using to rebut the "90%" lie some months ago!

Good deal!


TPaine said...

Grassley needs to have Holder arrested and charged with treason. That would be a good start. Forget the gun "numbers" thing - it has been proven that the government was paying snitches and FFLs to buy and sell guns that ended up in Mexico.

'Nuff said!

pete said...

Someone please help me out here. I thought one fourth OF one fourth used to be one sixteenth.

Dedicated_Dad said...

Pete: You're certainly right - and I stand corrected!

Heck, when one looks at it from THAT point of view, it would appear that a vast majority of the arms in question were the ones smuggled by our own .gov!!!