Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Faces of Fast & Furious.

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Newell testifies.

McMahon testifies. (Demonic eyes are a nice touch.)

Holder testifies.


Cederq said...

Doesn't Newell look like he has his fingers crossed while taken the oath? I get it, naaah... nahhh na na I have my fingers crossed, it don't mean smack... I can lie all I want, do over!

Cederq III
Kevin Cederquist

kadar said...

Wouldn't that be Testilying ?

rdf67 said...

The mistake Holder made is he did not take any action against the obvious felons. Instead he has a whole department acting like they were just following Mukasey and Bush - when nothing could be further from the truth. Arrogance and intellectual superiority will always be the ruin of the governors - whose wisdom and/or integrity is open to question. I don't understand how he can ignore memos that are written by subordinates - after all, he is responsible for everything that goes on in his department, and if he chooses to be ignorant of felonies, that is known as reckless endangerment and those below can assume that he approves of their actions whether legal or not.

Ashrak said...

The crossed fingers, out in the open rather than behind his back, sums up Newell's testimony nicely. HE knew he was lying, so did those hearing his lies, Elijah included, yet he sat there and lied anyway.

The clock is ticking for him to be "out of Iraq".....

Ed said...

That last caption should be "Holder testifies and shows contempt of his questioners by giving the finger".