Monday, November 28, 2011

Border War

"A war for national sovereignty."

Make no mistake about it. This isn’t a war against drugs, or a war against the drug cartels, or a war against illegal immigration, or even a war against human trafficking or Hezbollah fighters entering the U.S. at the Southern border. This is a war for national sovereignty – a border war.

Law enforcement cannot do the job when people are afraid to call them for fear of retribution and are being told to wear body armor to work out in their own fields.


Dave said...

Everybody knows what needs to be done to solve the problem. What this guy doesn't seem to be aware of is that the border situation does not represent a failure of the federal government to act. On the contrary, the feds are taking considerable action.

Regarding the invasion of illegals and their drugs, consider the actions taken by the feds: DOJ lawsuits against states trying to protect their citizens and subsequent orders from federal judges to leave the illegals alone (and keep providing them benefits), amnesty by policy, provision of public benefits, near-celebrity status for illegals in custody including providing trans-gender illegals with expensive hormone therapy, demonization and actual punishment of local law enforcement who attempt to protect communities... The list goes on forever.

Illegal aliens are a giant money-maker for the feds. Look at the army of judges and lawyers assembled to deal with them. The legal process to deport an illegal is outrageously complicated. And after wasting all this tax money on a corrupt legal system, when an illegal actually gets deported he turns around and comes right back, keeping the money flowing.

It should be obvious to the whole world by now that 1: Illegals/drug cartels are making billions of dollars selling dope to American customers; and 2: The American government is facilitating this situation by allowing cartels free trade routes and refusing to effectively punish drug consumers. (Once again, they put on a profitable show at taxpayer expense, but actually do nothing to stop the dopers.)

Dave said...

This is one of my "favorite" articles ever about illegal aliens:

Mr. White, Reservoir Dog Groomer said...

The laws from the days of Bill Jordan and Charles Askins are still valid.
1. Shoot.
2. Shovel.
3. Shut up.

Paul X said...

Well, it IS about the war on drugs. Much of that crap (especially the violence) would disappear without it, leaving only the people who want to pick field crops (and that could be legalized via guest worker programs). In other words, ALL of this mess could be cleaned up - if it weren't in the interest of the federal government to keep it going. Yet the writer looks to the same protection racket that is causing the problem in the first place, to fix it. Good luck on that.