Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another country heard from: It seems I am insane, but Wayne LaPierre is my parrot.

"LaPierre want a cracker!"

I suppose if I had a parrot, naming him Wayne LaPierre would be fun.

Mike Vanderboegh, leader of a right-wing hate group and website is now Fox News' commentator on the Second Amendment. Vander-boegh, from Alabama, is the guy who instructed people to smash the windows of Democratic offices during the health care debate.

Apparently he now thinks President Obama is only "acting" like he's pro-second amendment, but it's really a ruse to lull conservative gun owners to sleep until he takes their guns away at a later date.

This guy should be in jail for inciting violence, and then given a rubber room. Of course, Fox also used James O'Keefe as a commentator despite his breaking any number of laws. Luckily, O'Keefe may still go to jail as several cases against him are pending, including stalking a female reporter.

And as if Vanderboegh isn't crazy enough, his insane view was parroted by the head of the NRA, Wayne Lapierre last week. Actually, Obama not only has not threatened gun owners, he expanded their rights, making it legal to carry firearms in National Parks.


Anonymous said...

Well Mike you know the Marxists attack all enemies with lies and in other ways, which you are acquainted with.

They get away with it because they realize that they are safe from penalty and consequences.

Anonymous said...

President Obama has presided over killing Osama bin Laden and a number of his top
lieutenants...Anwar Awlaki (the American terrorist in Yemen)...Somali pirates and
Muhammar Khadafi.

Obama Damn Good! :^)

Mike Vanderboegh...instructed people to smash the windows of Democratic offices during the health care debate.

This guy should be in jail for inciting violence, and then given a rubber room.

Vanderboegh Damn Bad! ;^(

It's a good think BHO did not instruct the military to break windows during their operations. It would have drawn the ire of David Paul Brown. ;^)


David Codrea said...

But why no outrage from the left over THESE broken windows...?

Anonymous said...

"Obama Damn Good! :^) "

"Vanderboegh Damn Bad! ;^( "

"It's not illegal if the president does it!" -- Richard M. Nixon

Anonymous said...

You can always tell someone is a delusional jackass if they rely on that national parks carry thing.

It was buried in a do-or-die bill about credit that was going to be passed anyway, and the only reason we were denied our human rights in parks anyway was because of a Clinton era court decision of insanity equal to this link.

Ed said...

I exception to the phrase "he expanded their rights". No, this right already existed. He merely decided to no longer infringe this particular assertion of that right.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states "The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." It is very clear, but can be deliberately misinterpreted and is ignored by those who do not wish you to assert that right and others as well. It is as if you were encountering someone who declares "Did we agree to that? There must be some misunderstanding. We would never say that or agree to it."

Freedom of religion? Only if you believe from a pre-approved list of acceptable beliefs, not of your choosing. For example, if we returned to animal sacrifice as performed in the Old Testament, how quickly would a court issue a cease and desist order?
Free speech? Only if you say something agreeable.
Freedom of the press? See "free speech?"
Free to be secure in your person? Only if you do not have something they really, really want.
Property taken only with "just" compensation? Only if the taker gets to define "just", or the owner is able to prove that it was obtained without any questionable taint, or is no longer able to afford legal representation to contest the seizure and forfeits their goods to the government, which has incomparable resources to deprive the citizen of his property.

After all, how much "justice" and "equal protection under the law" can you afford?
How much "servant leadership" are you not getting from your government?
What are you doing to demand these from your government?