Saturday, May 28, 2011

Or not.

Sorry, guys, I'm done in. Heart is hurting, which is God's major clue that I did too much today. More tomorrow.


Scott J said...

Were we tasked with building fortifications I think we'd be in a world of hurt, sir.

j said...

Don't be dumb.
That heat out there was brutal, too - I've been feeling too weird / shaky all day myself. Not good.
take care - rest, say cool.

Bad Cyborg said...

Dumbshit. You're no good to your lady, your children or anyone else if you kill yourself. Why not take it a bit less hard. Us old farts with heart issues have to pace ourselves.

Seriously Mike. Take care. That little squishy thing 'tween your ears is too valuable to far too many people for you to go all John Wayne lumberjack and run yourself into the ground.

Bad Cyborg X