Monday, May 16, 2011

"Congressional investigators back in Arizona for 'Gunwalker.'" Jackass Party myrmidons tagging along. Guess they're forced to take it seriously now.

The latest from Sharyl Attkisson:

Congressional investigators are back on the ground in Phoenix this week for more interviews in the ATF "gunwalking" investigation. This time, sources tell CBS News, the investigators will be speaking with gun shop owners the ATF allegedly recruited to play a part in Operation Fast and Furious.

In that operation, insiders allege ATF allowed more than 2,500 assault rifles and other weapons to hit the streets or "walk." The idea was allegedly to monitor the purchases of gun buyers suspected of working with Mexican drug cartels, in hopes it would eventually provide intelligence to take down a cartel. But some of the weapons have been used in violent crimes, including the scene of the murder of border patrol agent Brian Terry last December.

The owners of Arizona gun shops "J&G Gun Sales" and "Lone Wolf" are said to be on the list of those to be questioned this week by representatives from Sen. Charles Grassley's (R-Iowa) office and Rep. Darrell Issa's (R-CA) office. Democrats on the House Oversight Committee also have representation on site.

In an earlier story, CBS News reported on documents that show one gun shop owner told ATF back in 2010 that he was worried what would happen if the guns he sold ended up in the wrong hands. But ATF allegedly encouraged him and other gun shop owners to continue the sales over the course of many months.

Attorney General Eric Holder has asked for the Inspector General to investigate. Members of Congress are investigating separately.

"Democrats on the House Oversight Committee also have representation on site."

Okay. Now we know the Jackass Party is taking this scandal seriously. The coverup now extends to their willing myrmidons in Congress, as if we didn't know that all ready.

LATER: More from Hugh Holub.


Anonymous said...

They are just there to report the interview findings to their DOJ/ATF pals.

Anonymous said...

Interesting how the CUATF site is now talking about some case of grenade parts being walked to Mexico? What won't those guys do?