Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Another country heard from. Teacher's union puts Alinsky on recommended reading list.

"NEA recommends the following Saul Alinsky books to those members of our Association who are involved in grassroots organizing."

So much for the "public servant" model of Miss Friendly, the caring teacher.

You know, at River Valley High School near Marion, Ohio, in 1969, I had my copy of Rules for Radicals confiscated by Principal Barger. He said it was "subversive literature." Right.

On a related note, I have not had time to finish a book Charly Gullett sent me, entitled Raising Hell With Alinsky: Conservative Activism and Civil Disobedience, but the skim-through looked promising. I'll put it on my insomniac readding list and try to have a review soon.


Rider said...

Rules for Radicals has been on there list for a while now. INSANITY!

Thanks for all you do Mike.

Michael Gilson said...

Have you read "Rules for Conservative Radicals" by David Kahane? To me, he seems like a former red diaper baby like Horowitz, trying to illustrate the mindset of the statists. I don't have the experience to know if his prescriptions on tactics at the end are correct.

Anonymous said...

They don't even try to hide who they are anymore. Must be feeling pretty confident and invulnerable!

Anonymous said...

Why should they try and hide who they are? They know that we will do nothing while they destroy the Constitution. I hear person after person say that "they better not come to my door trying to take my guns." By the time they are coming to the door, it will be far to late to save anything. Saying it just seems like a good excuse for our inaction.


DB said...

Have you read the book? All it is, is a instruction manual for public activism; you know that stuff the Tea Party does on occasion and those events that you Mike speak at. It is not something that I would have an issue with being required reading even if I was a conservative. Because the steps and ideas outlined by the book are all those things that you yourself use to organize events. Pick it up, read it (it is fairly short), and then make judgments. Even if you find it contrary to your belief structure, it will give you insight into the belief structure of those you oppose, would it not? When you begin chanting for the restriction of reading in schools, you begin to move closer to the mentality of a book-burner. That is not the direction I think you want to head.

Anonymous said...

I dont' suppose the kids or any of us for that matter are going to use the Alinsky rules against any of the Indiana Justices, although they are eminently suited to "pick the target, freeze it, personalize it"
Don't serve them coffee, don't clean their clothes, etc. Anything that's peaceful.