Tuesday, September 15, 2015

VDH: "Is Obamism Correctable? "

"The next president and Congress will inherit what President Obama left behind. Whether Democrat or Republican, the president will have no choice other than to try to undo much of what Obama has wrought. But can he or she?"


PO'd American said...

"The tragic mess of 2009–2016 is ending, and soon the cleanup will begin — accompanied by stupefaction as to just how much will have to be thrown away."

It is easier to think in terms of "is anything that this POS loser did worth keeping....me thinks not one bit of it."

Uncle Elmo said...

Case in point: As soon as the Senate confirmed Holder as AG, he created 17 new positions in the Civil Rights Division and filled them with attorneys that are all fellow travelers. These people and positions will remain long after the current administration vacates.

Ronald Reagan once said "...a government bureau is the nearest thing to eternal life we'll ever see on this earth". I would add 'government job' to that quote.

Anonymous said...

I would say the answer is no, unless we elect a non-Bush and non-Rino because if we do, we'll get more of the shit his brother pulled by leaving all those Clinton appointees in their jobs.

To my mind there are only two candidates that measure up, first is Cruz but if he doesn't make it, Trump because he fights and says all the right things that strangely, are absent from the mouths of the others.

You will notice the panic now present within the media regarding both. These two are the main targets of both the Marxists and the establishment get-along RINO's.

They thought they had it dicked. Well ain't that too bad for them.

PANIC! I love to see them loose it!

Anonymous said...

Obama got away with his treason by taking actions he presumed he had without apology or explanation along with a complicit house majority called republicans. Whomever take his place has that same authority to undo as well as redesign his changes or their own.. We have all been shoved into Pandora's Box and didnt even kick or scream.
There is a fix but today's Americans dont have the will or the balls.


Anonymous said...

Don't bother looking up any population figure for China. Any figure you find was only an estimate because the Chinese people add to the number faster than anyone could possibly tabulate the result of any census. So any figure you find could only be an estimate and was rendered obsolete before you read it anyway. But the fact is that the UN agency that keeps track of such things says that the "profoundly poor" population of China exceeds the entire population of the USA. The Chinese government has been unwinding their sovereign debt holdings including US Treasuries in order to come up with cash to prop up their collapsing stock markets. At some time that will inevitably fail and the Chinese middle class will be very unhappy. The profoundly poor who aspired to join the middle class will also be very unhappy. The Chinese elites are in the unhappy position of a man riding a tiger. Getting on the tiger was easy compared to what's going to happen to them if they ever try to get off.

At what point will the unhappy Chinese demand that their government refuse to finance our deficits? A "voluntary" government shutdown that happens because Congress can't agree to extend the debt lasts until enough congress people get the perks they need to buy them off and then Treasury starts borrowing again.

But what about a shutdown that comes because the Chinese refuse to lend us any more money?

Anonymous said...

Elmo -Each president is empowered to form their own cabinet. Not one of those positions Holder created has to remain. Each serve at the pleasure of the president and can be tossed instantly by the next administration.

Actually, entire alphabet agencies, departments, can be jettisoned. All it takes is the political will to exact their closing by refusing to form them in the first place!

Beware politicians who claim they want to "re-form government".

Anonymous said...

Is Obamism correctable?

Nope....Sign me Neal Jensen