Thursday, September 3, 2015

U.S. trying to keep Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal out of slain agent's trial

The U.S. government is fighting to keep details of how its own federal gun agents let Mexican drug cartels buy rifles in Arizona illegally out of an upcoming murder trial in which two men will be tried for the killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry who died after he ran into men carrying those same illegal guns. In a court filing Monday, prosecutors are trying to keep some details about the guns found at the slain agent’s murder scene away from the jury.


Anonymous said...

While I fully understand why and the federal attorneys wouldn't want the embarrassing details of the government's criminal activity in the Fast and Furious scandal aired in open court, such facts don't really have anything to do with whether the accused used a particular weapon to murder Border Patrol agent Brian Terry.

The irony is that - by attempting to suppress such embarrassing facts of's criminal activity - the government will actually enable more people than just the jury to learn the facts.

The Wretched Dog

Anonymous said...

What relevance could Fast and Furious have to the trial? It would expose the jury to the fact that agents of The United States Government have, can and will lie under oath in open court. That would put a cloud over any and all testimony or evidence the government presents in the case.

Anonymous said...

The right to a jury trial must be incorporated through the 14th amendment in order to stop things like this from happening. Indeed, keeping the chicanery card by not incorporating it is how courts get away with quite literally hiding things just like this from juries (which in turn helps avoid jury nullifications).

But if that right is subjected to the tenets of the incorporation structure, that structure falls apart (kinda like howthe structure is falling apart because of the Seconds incorporation. Yes, it is happening in slow motion. We are indeed seeing conflicting court decisions as a result of that incorporation. It is making a huge mess of the court created "law". And that is the BEST way to finally expose and then destroy that foul tyrannical creation called "case law".

Ask your average joe six pack if they have a RIGHT to a jury trial. They will say yes - but that isn't really the case. That right has never been held as enforceable against state and local governments. I understand this is a federal case, and some will say incorporation won't affect it hence, but here is why they err. When the rules of evidence must MATCH between state and federal domains, the house of cards will be exposed. Jurisdictions with judges who actually care about the RULE of law will not instantly relent en mass.

Will it happen? All I will say about that is that many said the 2nd would never be incorporated too.....

Anonymous said...

Air America/Iran -Contra /Fast n Furious .How much is enough ? That crime syndicate ,in the District of Criminals .Need to be held accountable .Alas they all get rich and pardoned. We who are awake see it for what it is. Most don't care or want to know. As for me I am sick at heart. What has befallen America. Behind enemy lines, Ct. I will not comply ,nor stand down. AAA/O. 11B20.

DAN III said...

What relevance does Fast & Furious have to this murder trial ? So simple even Stevie Wonder could see it. That a criminal conspiracy was hatched at the highest levels of the criminal US fedgov. That both Holder and the Kenyan hatched and approved this plan. They aided and abetted the murders of 2 US citizens and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Basically these two ruling elites declared war on both the Mexican and American peoples to further their communist agenda.

Wake up Dog. You're no less asleep than the bulk of American citizens.