Saturday, September 12, 2015

"Time to Wet the Bed."

The Clinton officials are wrong. If they aren’t already panicking—Tuesday’s “apology” for the email business is a sign that they might be—they really ought to start. New York is not Chicago, Robby Mook is not David Plouffe, John Podesta is not David Axelrod, and, sweet Jesus, Hillary Clinton is not Barack Obama. Put down the Hillary-branded beet chips, Clinton supporters. And break out the rubber sheets.


Moe Death said...

Here's a sign of the slimes... I mean, times. Since we unfortunately live in Commiefornia's Bay Area, Domino and I have seen many disgusting signs of the Liberal mindset, but yesterday was a new low.

Saw this bumper sticker during the commute home last night: "I'd Bottom for Hillary!"

Those of you who know what this means have probably already started vomiting.

We did.

Quick, Domino, the Bushmills!

Bill and Domino

Anonymous said...

"I'd Bottom for Hillary!"

Eww! Just Eww!

Anonymous said...

If Clinton wins the nod and subsequently is elected POTUS, she would be so indebted to obama that in essence it would be his third term.

Anonymous said...

I love watching her squirm!

oughtsix said...

Just one more indication that we're in a kultural "race to the bottom...."

Anonymous said...

I would vote for a 3 legged dog named TRIPOD before I would ever vote for the Hilda-beast.

Anonymous said...

Old joke:

Bill Clinton is nearing the end of his term and having some anxious moments about his "legacy". As he walks down a deserted beach he happens to kick an object partially buried in the sand. He picks it up and starts wiping some of the sand off. At almost the same instant he realizes it's a very old oil lamp and that a Genie has appeared in front of his eyes. (So this is another &^%* Genie joke.)

The Genie offers "Slick Willie" one wish in repayment for being liberated from the lamp. He thinks for a moment and asks the Genie to grant him peace in the Middle East. The Genie scratches her head for a moment and says she's been in the lamp a long time and can't remember any place called the "Middle East". Clinton smooths out a stretch of sand and proceeds to draw out a map.

The genie exclaims, "Those people? You want me to make peace among those people? Those people have been killing each other since Day One! Look, pal, I know we Genies have a reputation for being all powerful but we do have limits. Do you think you can come up with something a little less impossible for your wish?"

Clinton kicks sand over the map and says, "OK! If I can't have peace in the Middle East, I'd like to have one night of mad passionate sex with my wife, Hillary."

The Genie smacks herself in the face and asks, "Can I have another look at that map?"