Monday, September 14, 2015

Three from Herschel Smith.

"This Gun Has No Safety!"
Bald Knob Police Crack Down On Open Carry: "Ever diligent to make law themselves, the Bald Knob police have taken the AG’s opinion as a cue to harass peaceable citizens."
"The Very Reverend Barkley Thompson On Gun Control."


Chiu ChunLing said...

Hah. You know, I never really bothered to think through the logic of the "guns just go killing people on their own" position that throughly before, but yeah. It makes sense that cops are never to blame for an unjustified discharge, because those evil devil-possessed guns just be aiming and firing themselves, yo. Which makes it even less clear why cops and similarly employed persons be carrying them around in public, since the main evidence that guns just go off for no particular reason has been the long history of claims that they've done so in cases when cops were carrying them.

Roger said...

Re: Bald Knob Police article:
"Arkansas’ attorney general said Friday that legal gun owners are free to openly carry or ride with their weapons but should be ready to field inquiries from law enforcement personnel wondering why they’re carrying".

Police can open a conversation with anyone, about anything, just as you or I can. Whether it is to ask 'Good morning. How are you?' or 'Why are you open carrying?'.

Regardless who is attempting conversation with you, you are under no obligation or requirement to respond.

Open carry does not constitute an inferred intent to harm. If anything, it infers an intent to defend against harm.

With regard to open carry on private property, IMO the rights of the property owner prevail. If the owner is so stupid as to make his property a free fire zone, I will take my business elsewhere. But he has that right IMO.

Anonymous said...

Gun safety:

Don't touch the trigger until the muzzle is pointed toward a properly-identified target you intend to shoot.

- Old Greybeard