Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Preemptive Surrender on Guns as Futile as Appeasement.

If you let the enemy establish a beachhead without a fight, it will simply use that as the launching point for the next incursion into deeper territory. They want it all, but they’ll take it in pieces, should any be naive enough to collaborate with them. To expect incremental surrender will satisfy the antis and persuade them to back off would be as foolish as throwing a scrap of meat at a circling pack of jackals and thinking that will sate their hunger and that they’ll then move on and leave you alone.


Anonymous said...

Amen..Our enemy is a master of "controlled opposition". Trust no one that even suggests giving up ground. If anyone hasn't noticed, the enemy is now at the gates and any loss of our weaponry will usher in the most vile form of tyranny this planet has ever seen

TimeHasCome said...

Mike it seems fitting that as we approach September 29th and 30th we remember the 74th anniversary of Babi Yar in 1941 . On that fateful Monday and Tuesday just outside of Kiev 33,771 Jews were lied to and told hat they were being transported to a relocation camp . Instead they were marched to a ravine and told to strip and were shot to death. Only 29 survived to see Wednesday.
I am alway reminded that these Jews followed every gun law and obeyed every rule . And they even trusted those in power not to lie to them. They paid a horrible price . You are doing great work Mike and may God continue to bless you.