Friday, September 11, 2015

Outstanding. Oversight and Judiciary Could Ask ATF about Twin Peaks Ballistics Report

“Ask ATF when Waco ballistics report will be released” messages can be sent to Grassley at his Twitter and Facebook accounts, and likewise, Chaffetz also has Twitter and Facebook pages. The more concerned citizens who do this, the greater the chances we’ll see some movement from the politicians.


PO'd American said...

Wants it extracted to send to the BATF??? Must be in on the cover-up.

Anonymous said...

Many opine that cops shot everybody up. While I agree that this is a distinct possibility, it seems it could be easily buried within ballistics reports. "These" bullets were from guns we cannot account for.....seems to be an easy out.

But what if the bullets taken from bodies track back to walked guns, as I suspect? Seems to me that guns ran to cycle clubs could get very very messy and would be quite hard to sweep under that rug.

My take? It wasn't just the cops who did all the shooting, at least one, possibly the one who got em all shooting to start with, just happened to be an undercover runner, running walked guns! SO yeah, it was all the cops doing the shooting, but from both sides.

I gotta ask, why is Waco such a fucked up place? It seems like such a growing and gaining place, roads and businesses being built everywhere a person looks - yet endless nefarious JBT action as well. Is it a middle of the state kind of thing? Is there something in the water, like arsenic? Is there a hidden moon rock there people are covertly worshipping? What the heck is wrong with Waco Texas?

Hey, I admit, I was taken in there in the beginning. I bit on the "raping kids" problem. Then, I learned. I always reserved the partition, that if they wanted Koresch, then why not grab him when he was outside the "community"? I shoulda trusted that gutcheck.

Is it that Waco is some kind of central hub of gunrunning, long predating fast and furious? Is it the center of massive corruption on a grand scale? I guess I just don't understand "Why Waco"? For Christ's sakes, it is a play on words like "Waco is Wacko"? Geez.