Thursday, September 3, 2015

Nevada family fights government over property near Area 51

The Sheahans say their buildings have been strafed and bombed by military jets over the past six decades. They believe it was an errant bomb or dropped wing tank that blew up their mill in the 1950's -- ending production at the mine.


Allen said...

area 51 is a showcase. since everyone knows about it, they do stuff there that makes everyone watch. they might as well open it to the public, there is nothing secret there anymore.

the REAL stuff is going on at the Woomera Range in australia.

Anonymous said...

"We understand the landowners' connection to the land, but we must also consider the demands of national security."

Wow. They've invoked "National Security" so these folks are hosed, I'd say give them your first born and maybe throw in a reach around because it's your patriotic duty. I wonder what they think is in the unpainted mine claims. We go the gov we asked for I think. "Murica! Cue the Lee Greenwood please