Wednesday, September 9, 2015

"Lets plan for an annual battle against articulate Democrats and Presidential charm, using a creepy guy who cries and another old mumbling fool who dodders, knowing full well the MSM is on the side of the other guy to begin with? THAT’S YOUR GOP STRATEGY?"

An Open Letter To Jonah Goldberg – RE: The GOP and Donald Trump


Anonymous said...

This thing called the GOP is so far from what they should be that Barry Goldwater would look like a 3 headed alien to them..Matter of fact, if the s*&t really did hit the fan, they're the ones that should be dragged out of their bunkers first for a necktie party on account of them being traitors. At least with the Dems we know they are an enemy..

Uncle Elmo said...

That is an excellent article. It's a perfect summary of everything we've been through and everything that's wrong with American politics. Thanks, Mike.

Anonymous said...

Excellent explanation of the current situation in the GOP!

The national republican leadership (If that is what you call it!)
Are complete and total failures! Not much better that the Dems!

XL pipe line?


Obama's Illegal immigration order?

A BIG fat F on each one of theses issues!

The only reason were are not completely over run by illegal aliens is one Federal Judge that at least temporarily stops Obama in his tracks.

The whole dam lot is worthless!

Otto Didact said...

You know? Sometimes I wonder if the reason politicians don't keep their campaign promises isn't that they don't really intend to do what they promise but more because they're just too damned INCOMPETENT to actually do what they say they'll do.

What do you folks think? Yes? No? Maybe so?

Anonymous said...

I can't believe people think there is light between Demorats/Repugs...They are playing for the same team...but whatever, as long as there is true believers, this fake left/right lib/conservative paradigm will go on as will the misery...

You want real solutions in America to fix our problems, start by HANGING all of US State local and FED GOV and don't stop until the payroll lists are empty...You will find the true repenters in the ranks that way...otherwise, enjoy your state created chaos, true believers...If you dont have the spine for TRUE reform, you dont deserve it. If you think the Founding Fathers were the example you hold dear, then you better start acting like them...Sign Me, Neal Jensen