Monday, September 14, 2015

Kurt Schlichter: "The Obnoxious and Important Questions I Would Ask At The GOP Debate."

On behalf of all infuriated conservatives, I demand the right to interrogate the candidates myself. I get to ask a question and a follow-up, and here are the rules. First, answer the damn question. It insults me when you think I’ll somehow forget what I asked, so bewitching is your oratory. Second, answer, then stop talking. If you use more words than the Gettysburg Address (272) you are so, so very wrong. Third, no clich├ęs. If you use the phrase “for the children,” I get to slap you.


PO'd American said...

This guy is my personal mirror.

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day it will still be the new boss, same as the old boss.

On a side note. I find it odd that so many people seem to believe that the election is about electing a new king. Vote harder. That seems to be working so far.


Gregory K. Sloat said...

Kurt had me until his "comment" to Rand Paul:
"How can I be sure you will do the most important thing a president must do – relentlessly and ruthlessly kill America’s enemies?"

That is NOT the most important thing a president must do. The MOST important thing a president must to is relentlessly and ruthlessly uphold, defend, protect, and ENFORCE the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign AND domestic!

THAT will go a LONG way toward addressing the "enemies" issue.

Anonymous said...

Here is how Trump should answer-
As a plain capitalist commander in chief, I would view soldiers, airmen, sailors and soldiers as pieces of wealth, treasure, monetary units. Now, before people go full stupid on that comment, just listen. As that capitalist, I look for profits, not losses. I like to win, I play to win. I want more and more and more profits, more wins. I don't accept losing even one of those pieces. If I view each of them as an investment, I want my return! The last thing I want is to lose any of them.

Call me greedy, you lefty lickspittles, but I actually value my military personnel! Indeed, this remains true when they are out of the service too. As such, Vets will see their own investments, their service, rewarded with the proper dividends. Period. To demonstrate it plainly, if there is any budget passed out of congress that does not properly fund both active military and retired veterans affairs, well then, it will get my veto pen scribbled all over it - over and over until congress does the right thing.

You see, as a capitalist greedy rich businessman, I play to win, which is why I do win. I will win and the vets will win because of it. Active duty members will win as a result too. See, like our border, if we do not take care of, protect and defend, our military and its membership - we don't have a country. If we don't have country, a nation, we won't have anything else for very long.

I will not risk even one life on a bad deal. I will not hesitate to invest treasure in order to bring more treasure to life. As the CEO of the military, I will listen to my top generals best advice, coming from all sides - and then I will ask those same commanders to make the case for the opposite of their best recommendations. I will then apply the capitalist mindset with all that information in mind. What is the benefit, the win, the success, the deal, for America? I will ask. What is the her AND her people. As a successful capitalist knows, most proper decisions, the correct answers, reveal themselves once conservative first principles of family, country and God are all applied in due and proper measure to the right questions asked.

Any more questions?

Anonymous said...

I would ask: "Has the CIA shown you a copy of the Zapruda film yet and told you they can give you gold or lead - you decide? And do you really think you are the leader and decision maker?"