Thursday, September 10, 2015

Kaine Gun Bill Reflects Opportunistic Deception, Not Public Safety

What the guy wants to do is outlaw private sales. What he wants to do is everything he can to prevent all sales. And destroy some people who don’t vote for him in the bargain. In the case of dealers, Kaine evidently wants to make what’s already illegal even more illegal – that and demand impossible clairvoyance from them. That way, even if they’re innocent of the charges, they’ll have their businesses and lives destroyed trying to fight a government that has unlimited resources and is not above using every filthy legal trick in the book, as evidenced by the travesty of a case it pursued against the Reese family.


Anonymous said...

Even a modestly Constitutionally educated voter base would keep treasonous filth like this out of public service. So, we know the sad state of affairs by default. So much for citizenship duties.

Gotta wonder though, what keeps evil people like this wasting oxygen? This can't be his first foray into evil deeds?? Oh, that's right, it's the rule of *law* that is dead.


Jeff Dege said...

Minnesota statute makes it a gross misdemeanor to transfer a handgun or assault weapon [sic] to someone who uses it to commit a crime, within a year, if they were forbidden to possess firearms, and you didn't do a background check. (Minn. Stat. 609.66 Subd. 1f).

But, checking for a purchase permit or a carry permit satisfies the background check requirement. So pretty much everyone here insists on seeing a permit, before engaging in a private sale.

I'm not opposed to background checks, I'm opposed to paper trails.

Anonymous said...

It won't even make it through committee.

Anonymous said...

So this Traitor is going after ATF(the biggest strawmen going) holder and obama?
Ok, i just woke up

Anonymous said...

But then, the gun grabbers need a little help 'gettin' off', (JO), from time to time.