Wednesday, September 2, 2015

In a rush this morning.

Having gratefully overslept (I needed it), I have to rush off to an MRI this morning that I was supposed to have yesterday (the machine broke down) which was itself a fall-back from a scan that couldn't be done last week because of possible dye damage to my kidneys (and they can't take any more). I will have a longer, more detailed update about my personal situation later today.


Uncle Elmo said...

I'm curious, Mike- do you have far to go to all of your many doctor's appointments?
Hopefully they are close by, and not an hour (or more) away from your home.
Maybe you could include your travel time when you 'update (us) about (your) personal situation later today'.

Prayers, and thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

Why are you seeking such information about Mike? The important thing is that Mike is able to travel to his doctors. Any doctor who practices in Mike's city area is within an hour of anyone who lives in the city's metro area.

Uncle Elmo said...

I had no ulterior motive. I don't know the area where he lives. In my area, if a guy had any kind of medical problem he would often need to travel an hour or more to see a specialist. I'm hoping things are more convenient for Mike in that regard. It's tough enough dealing with the medical issues without the expense and inconvenience of long trips.

I figured if he thought the question was intrusive he'd ignore me. No biggie.

But he'll still be in my prayers. We need his wisdom.