Sunday, September 13, 2015

Go get 'em, Sharyl.

‘28 pages’: Sharyl Attkisson dives into still-classified 9/11 intelligence documents
“As more and more people see these records they can’t see any legitimate reason why the pages are still withheld from the public and suspect that they are being hidden to protect people,” Ms. Attkisson said.


Anonymous said...

IT’S COME TO THIS: Nearly a Third of Americans Would Support a Military Coup Overthrowing the Current Administration

Anonymous said...

Managing "classified" documents costs money. Some time back there was a project to try and identify old classified documents that could be declassified to reduce that cost. The survey of all classified documents revealed that most documents were classified not because they would have been of any intelligence value to anyone, but rather because their release would be embarrassing to the U S Government.

Anonymous said...

The portions of the 9-11report remaining classified are, of course, protecting people. The protection of those people in turn protects other people and then in turn protects corporations that yet other people have been heavily invested in. Had all that angled information been released - we would not today but one drop of middle eastern oil! There would have already been a divestment from several major corporations. Indeed there would have already been a slamming of a cabal of career politicians into unemployment line too.

Make no mistake, the 9-11 report itself was a tool used not to open pandoras information box or tear down the gorelik wall, it was the avenue used to keep it slammed shut and and that "wall" replaced.

Many warn that sharia law is coming. The truth is it is already here! Telling the truth about 9-11 means the proverbial dots connect in ways that the uniparty can no longer hide away. The money we have sent the Muslim world since jimmy careers jizyah bow, kept going ever since by the dept of energy has been used to buy islams way to power here - in media, in big business and even in funding big government (yes even the manchurian usurper we have in office now via college funding to campaign cash).

What is redacted is small potatoes itself, but the dots they finally connect are the real middle eastern nuclear detonations our "government" worries about. The House of Saud itself may be the most "moderate" of Muslims as some claim but their evil is just as evil as the rest of it. Bin laden and Islamic terrorism is that Houses creation across the board. Telling the truth about 9-11 means the whole house of cards called the Middle East "stability" strategy is shown to be the duck mission it has always been. Once that happens, the whole "religion of peace" bullshit fails miserably too!

I hope this courageous woman is the one who finally unlocks it all. Doing so would translate to our first female president. This nation would draft her instantly if she succeeds in opening up the biggest con this nation has ever been subject to.

Anonymous said...

I honestly believe Sharyl Attkisson is America's last Real Journalist.
Light'em up Ma'am!!

Anonymous said...

Rep. Meadows Throws Down the Gauntlet: Anti-Gunner John Boehner Must Go!

Time and time again, Boehner has blocked conservative measures, conspired against conservative Members and blocked pro-gun legislation.

Even worse, Boehner is open to allowing votes on Obama's anti-gun agenda.

As long as John Boehner is Speaker, your gun rights are in danger.

Anonymous said...

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Rhodes said...

I have all the faith in the 9-11 Report as I do in the Warren Commission Report.

Absolutely none as both were written by people that cannot, not shouldn't but can't, be believed. But then lets not get into why, it makes people crazy.