Friday, September 4, 2015

File this under: Nothing new under the sun. Subheading: failure to subordinate ego and poor leadership resulting in mission failure leads to another schism in the liberty movement.

I've known about this developing situation for months and tried my best to get the parties to reconcile their differences. I have my own opinions on who and what is responsible for this, but I will keep them to myself for now. As certain folks have seen fit to begin the self-justifying character assassination (waged quite openly on Facebook) that usually comes out with such donnybrooks, the only thing I can do is shake my head at the folly of conduct that I have seen far too many times in the liberty movement since the 90s.
Kit Lange on "The Concept of Innocent Until Proven Guilty in the Patriot Movement."


Anonymous said...

I know all of the parties involved and respect them all.

What everyone needs to know is that there are people like myself whose primary interest is the mission at hand.

It is not about what we say but it is all about what we do.

When tyranny becomes law
Rebellion becomes duty!

Comrade X

Anonymous said...

The advantage we have over the 90's is the lessons learned since then and the words of wisdom you continue to share with us. Now its on us when we fail to heed those lessons and choose not to listen to those words. We can do better, and will do better.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm trying to follow what you're talking about here and think it's too cryptic. What 'ego' situation is happening? I'm aware of a split in Oathkeepers but nothing else.

Anonymous said...

If the primary interest is the mission at hand, why all the "friendly" fire?

Anonymous said...

There is a fine line between assuming someone is innocent until proven guilty, and just being a sucker.

Anonymous said...

"That means NOT engaging in gossip, not participating in the assassination of character, or the spreading of that nasty rumor. It means remembering that innocent until proven guilty isn’t just for the courtroom."

Fine, but... when one then finds out that the truth is guilt, then the guilty should be appropriately punished. As will be the case here.

TimeHasCome said...

Sorry Mike for being a mile off topic . But I just had to point out the City of Tacoma Washington have drop boxes for unwanted fireams ... When you visited us here last December it was a pleasure to hear and see you in Olympia . Washington State is a nutty trend State so expect other states to follow . At least when I walk my dog I will have a place for the doo-doo.

Anonymous said...

Methinks they be a big difference between friendly fire and no fire, don't ya know!

Anonymous said...

What a shame. Both sides are good folks who have done good stuff.

Hopefully they will continue to do good stuff, even if it's separately.