Saturday, September 5, 2015

Army’s New Handgun Program is About Ammo, Too.

"The winning contractor will have to be able to ramp up to delivering 2.8 million rounds of ball ammunition per month within three years and 1.6 million rounds of special-purpose ammunition per month within three years, according the RFP”
That’s per month. So after the Army picks three finalists, it will ultimately select a winner to produce more than 280,000 full-size handguns and 7,000 compact versions, and the other services may buy another 212,000 systems, according to the article. And on top of that, the winner will also be supplying the bullets. It’ll be interesting to see how the gun-makers and ammo-makers respond to the request.


Anonymous said...

Well, it seems they would have to say that they just have to get by on existing infrastructure and let the rush pass....
You know, the same way it has handled the 22lr scenario.

CowboyDan said...

Is this one of those narrowly defined specs designed to let ONE company make the bid, or manipulate stock prices so that someone comes out as the only possible supplier? Sure looks like it.

Who makes handguns and ammunition? Who's weak and might be for sale so that they can be absorbed by another company so that they can fulfill the contracts?

I bet the lists of such companies are very short. I also believe such a company or companies is likely to have contributed to a couple of congressional campaigns over the last few years.

How, I wonder, can someone learn such things?