Sunday, August 30, 2015

Why N.Korea Caved On War Threat: China Warned, 'Don't Rain On Our Parade'

U.S. army Sergeant Eric Flynn knew what he was talking about when I encountered him behind an M2A3 Bradley — a “fighting vehicle” that looks like a tank – at a live-fire drill before thousands of mostly South Korean spectators about 20 miles below the Demilitarized Zone between North and South Korea. “We’ll see if war pops up,” he remarked laconically as U.S. and South Korean warplanes bombed targets in the Seung-jin fire drill field, a vast playground for war games in which tanks rumbled and roared and 150-mm cannon boomed on cue. He wasn’t worried — “not with China telling everyone to back down.”


Josh said...

I don't know. I figured the Chinese moving armor to their border with the norks was to have it ready to assist the norks rather than to threaten norks into peace with the south. I imagine everything will break loose sooner or later. North and south korea going at it, China moving on Taiwan, Russia crushing Ukraine and driving on Berlin, etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Entropy increases.

Informed42 said...

Obviously you don't know many things and so can't connect the dots, Josh.
China has been backing off of their old agreement with N. Korea to support them against enemies, since the Korean War. N. Korea is very dependent on China for a number of things, like food, oil, gas. That's why the last time N. Korea started running off at the mouth, the Chinese Ambassador told them to shut up, and they did. If N. Korea gets too out of line and starts any shit, China can squash them like a bug.

China probably won't move on Taiwan because of U.S. support for Taiwan. China doesn't want armed conflict with the U.S. because we're their largest market and we owe them an enormous amount of money. If we go to war with them, they stand to lose both items. They're not stupid !!

Russia may talk a lot too, but with their economy in the state it's in, they don't really want any armed conflict with the U.S. or our allies either.

Better to be concerned about the incompetent assholes in Zero the half-breeds administration like John Kerry and the other idiots that think they have a good deal with Iran. They're so incompetent it's beyond pathetic and ridiculous !!

If brains were gasoline, they wouldn't have enough to power a piss ant's mini-bike around a Cheerio !

Toastrider said...

Informed pretty much has it right.

The Norks are a nonstarter. China is getting tired of propping up the retard brigade running things there, and they've clamped down on the Kim's antics. The primary reason to keep the place intact is to prevent a flood of Nork refugees into China (I know, insane, but China is fucking -paradise- compared to NK).

China wants Taiwan because it's been part of China for so long (until recently). It's a cultural thing, and the Chinese are nothing if not traditional -- regardless of if you're from the mainland or Taiwan.

But yeah, the sooner we usher the retard brigade out of the White House, the better...

Josh said...

That may be, but I hold it that North Korea doesn't take a shit without China telling them to. Hence whatever North Korea does is supported by China, likely planned by China. There just may come a time when either out of hubris or fear, Russia and China will not care about how much money dc owes them and will attack, either directly or via proxies, and take what they want. With the US decapitated, Russia and China will invade. Just some cheery thoughts.

Chiu ChunLing said...

N. Korea is a buffer, not an ally. If war broke out, the NK forces were annihilated, and ROK/US forces were moving practically unopposed through the mountainous terrain, the Chinese would have plenty of time to get troops on their own border. This doesn't mean that all the starving refugees and whatnot wouldn't be a problem, just that they wouldn't be particularly relevant to the military situation. China's recent moves to court South Korea mean that Beijing is confident of U.S. forces being withdrawn or rendered irrelevant within the next decade, eliminating any reason to maintain Kimland as a buffer state. Where that confidence comes from, I think I can guess.

Beijing didn't go to this much trouble just to avoid anyone raining on their parade.

Informed42 said...

No, Josh. N. Korea is well aware of the fact that China doesn't support them like it used to, and China has definitely exerted it's influence over N. Korea when it told them to shut up and knock off their shit. That's probably what happened again here recently when N. Korea was popping off about taking aggressive action over the
loudspeakers along the DMZ. That got resolved pretty quick.

Anonymous said...

DPRK was becoming irrelevant even before its last tyrant kicked the bucket. That is exactly why slick willie propped them up with the now nuclear capability! Doing so forces China to continue to care about the norks. If China could finally disband the "buffer" excuse to protect DPRK then the MILITARY SOLUTION along with the REMAIN IN PLACE FOR for decades strategy demonstrates its effectiveness. Remember, the political left in this country MUST do ANYTHING it possibly can to undermine and destroy ANY military accomplishment in order to justify its anti war sickness.

Twenty years ago it was showing that China no longer really cared about that buffer zone strategy. Over that time, DPRK has been nothing but an embarrassment that China would like nothing more than to disentangle itself from. Slick willie ensured they could not do so and all but ensured that DPRK will eventually light off nuclear weapons. I just hope our boys and girls are able to destroy clintons ideological miscalculation before they get nuked along with South Korea.

Chiu ChunLing said...

That is an important historical point, nobody (including in Beijing) believed it was possible for North Korea to successfully transfer the unlimited power of Kim Il-Sung to another individual, and thus controlled transition towards reunification was the general consensus on how to handle his impending death (naturally Beijing, Washington, and Seoul all had various opinions on the details, along with other interested parties).

Successfully botching the opportunity for reunification of Korea as a democracy was purely Clinton's doing, though he did successfully enlist the assistance of Beijing in propping up Kimland. Apparently by promising them advanced military technology transfers. What a bargain.