Thursday, August 27, 2015

Apparently only black, gay lives matter. Funny, I didn't hear anything about the shooter being a gay Obama supporter in the American mainstream media today. Wonder why?

Revenge race murder: Bitter black reporter who gunned down white ex-colleagues live on air and posted the video online blames Charleston shootings and anti-gay harassment in manifesto.
'As for Dylann Roof? You [redacted]! You want a race war [redacted]? BRING IT THEN YOU WHITE …[redacted]!!!” At the same time, he professes a deep respect for other mass shooters like Virginia Tech gunman Seung-Hui Cho. 'Also, I was influenced by Seung–Hui Cho. That’s my boy right there. He got NEARLY double the amount that Eric Harris and Dylann Klebold got…just sayin’. He goes on to say that he has faced both racial and sexual discrimination as a black, gay man and that he was just waiting to explode. . .
Flanagan was also once reprimanded by WDBJ editors for wearing an Obama campaign sticker on his jacket while reporting from an election booth in 2012, saying it 'demonstrated a basic lack of understanding of your role as an on-air journalist' and was a clear breach of impartiality rules.
But, hey, he passed a background check so I guess the gun control crowd got what they wanted.
That fact doesn't keep them from demanding more gun control of the peaceable, starting even before the bodies were cool.
As John Hinderaker at PowerLine blog says: "The Facts Don’t Matter, the Answer Is Always Gun Control."
One thing we have learned is that some murders are important and others aren’t. White policeman kills black person: important! Black person kills white policeman: unimportant. White lunatic kills black people in South Carolina: important! Gay black lunatic kills white people in Virginia: something tells me this one is going in the “unimportant” column. It doesn’t advance the narrative. Except, of course, the gun control narrative.
I guess they didn't have a gun control sign up, or the schmuck wouldn't have been able to kill anybody: "Signs Save Lives."


Anonymous said...

"Gay black lunatic kills white people in Virginia: something tells me this one is going in the “unimportant” column. It doesn’t advance the narrative. Except, of course, the gun control narrative."

You'd better rethink that one, Amigo! The two white people were members of the press. Everything stops when the press takes casualties. Shep Smith devoted almost his entire broadcast yesterday to this shooting. No Hillary Servergate, no tropical storm Erica, no presidential campaign until well into the second half of his hour show.

Anonymous said...

My answer is to start carrying a more powerful handgun with greater capacity, instead of a little pocket pistol.

- Old Greybeard

Sean said...

True to form, CNN had a black homosexual on an interview this morning, talking about what a great person the victim was, and so on. This is to bar people from reaching the obvious conclusion of mental illness (long history, in this case)of the shooter, and show people how nice homosexual black men are. (Ugh) I have never met, or known, any homosexual to be without serious mental problems, ostensibly due to their shaky position in society, and the obvious disconnect with other men in general. Suicide, murder, assault, rape, and worse are what wind up being on homosexual minds and the options many of them take, and most of it due to the wall they all run up against regarding their going against the grain of civilization. In spite of all the hoopla and hype, homosexuals do not live a "gay" lifestyle, and their lives are ones filled with both too much drama, and too little stability. And there are many, many, black homosexual men. Double jeopardy, when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

Anonymous said...

If you didn't personally see or have contact with first party you know and trust who saw blood and brains spattered on a sidewalk then it didn't fucking happen. The goal is for us to be unable to determine reality from traditional media sources (and many non traditional as well). When the truth is found, to be lies......Sing it Gracie

Anonymous said...

Seems this guy had a real affinity for mass murderers. I'm surprised he didn't give kudos to "The Night Stalker" and "Zodiac" in his little manifesto. Or at least Vlad the Impaler..

Anonymous said...

Of note, consider how long this was in the spotlight(pretty much gone)... how many "protests" came about as a result of it? (none).

There is a glaring question that has not been (at least publicly) asked, and really should be:
If Vester/Bryce no longer worked there (has not for a while), then how was he able to gain operational details of the news crews' assignment (where/when/who?) Did he have someone on the inside providing him details? That is not something that the management of the station can ethically, morally bypass.

It is not realistic to think that the deceased (alleged) perp woke up early that morning and pulled that plan together from scratch (staged rental car, manifesto). What else was he doing before he fled town, up 81 and onto Route 66? What was he fleeing TO? Open questions, no answers can I give.

Informed42 said...

Anonymous said- 'If you didn't personally see or have contact with first party you know and trust who saw blood and brains spattered on a sidewalk then it didn't fucking happen.'

A lot of that is because our society today can't handle real 'reality' and see any
blood, guts or brain matter in real life or on the 'Idiot Lamp'. That's why the LSM
never shows any on the perpetual 'news' broadcasts. It might make the fucking wimp
assed whiners sick to their weak stomachs. All they can handle is the fake blood and guts in the movies.

Media today doesn't have any integrity or real 'journalists' that deal in 'facts'
like those in the past did. You have a bunch of 'script or teleprompter readers'
that try and appear intelligent while talking with other 'script or teleprompter readers' to fill dead air. IF any of the news channels ever get the guts to show real accidents, shootings, disasters and blood and bodies to the public, it will be
condemned by the PC pussies immediately. That's why I doubt it will ever happen.

j said...

the media don't even have to choose the red pill or the blue pill... that choice was made when they sold their souls to the darkness.

Anonymous said...

Informed42, that's why they never, ever show casualties coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. When I was a kid/teen we saw what was happening in Vietnam every evening at 6. And it wasn't pretty..

Informed42 said...

If you think reality and war aren't pretty on the TV news,
you can probably only guess what things were like for those
that were there and saw it all first hand every day.

Anonymous said...

One of the main reasons some people are uneasy about supporting Trump is that they will have to make "decisions' because he raises questions. Most people want the homogenized candidate who is bush or lumps in the gravy.........just smooth and easy. These people will be casualties of indecision someday.