Thursday, August 27, 2015

A long, long way from a Jeep. So what are they going to call it, the "JILTVEE?" "Sun sets on era of the Humvee as US military announces successor."

Symbol of decades of US interventions to be replaced with vehicle more suited to urban warfare environment the US has faced in Iraq and Afghanistan.
That's from the Guardian, the lefty Brit newspaper. Here's a rather more informed article from the Wall Street Journal from yesterday:
Oshkosh Wins $6.75 Billion Job to Replace Aging Humvees.
By Doug Cameron
Oshkosh Corp. on Tuesday won a $6.75 billion contract to build almost 17,000 new light trucks to replace aging Humvees for the U.S. Army and Marine Corps, cementing the future of its defense business.
The Wisconsin-based company was chosen over competitors Lockheed Martin Corp. and AM General LLC to build as many as 55,000 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles, or JLTVs, over the next 25 years to replace part of the Humvee fleet and some larger military trucks.
The JLTV is one of the Army's highest priorities and follows a series of budget cuts and shifting requirements that prompted the Pentagon to cancel helicopter, artillery and communications programs, after investing billions of dollars.
Oshkosh has a long history of producing military vehicles and offered a brand-new design to meet the Army's requirements for a four-wheeled truck to carry two to four personnel that is resistant to mines and roadside bombs but light enough to be carried by air. . .
The new trucks will replace many of the 120,000 Humvee trucks built by AM General that have been worn out by use in Iraq and Afghanistan.
The JLTV program was launched in 2007 and the Army, bruised by a series of cost over-runs and cancelled programs, stuck to its $250,000 price cap for each JLTV. Army officials said all three bids came in below the cap, with the average price of vehicles equipped with communications and other equipment expected to come in under $399,000, taking the total program cost to $30 Billion.
The Army plans to acquire 49,909 of the vehicles alongside 5,500 for the Marines, and has the option to choose another contractor for future production runs. . .
Later -- Here's another link to a WaPo story on the same subject: "Oshkosh Defense wins major Pentagon contract to build Humvee replacement."


Unknown said...

>the Army, bruised by a series of cost over-runs and cancelled programs, stuck to its $250,000 price cap for each JLTV> 6.7b / 17,000 = $394,117 per JLTV.
Yeah, maybe we need something new and better, but Christ that's a lot of money for one truck.

MissAnthropy said...

Up next: Thousands of recently surplussed Humvees given to every podunk police department with its own SWAT team.

Harry_the_Horrible said...

IF the Army wants an armored car, why doesn't build a freaking armored car?
The V-150 Commando might be a good place to start.

Informed42 said...

What a bunch of absolute assholes the military purchasers have to be !! But that's not really surprising at all, considering that the current Administration has forced all but the ass kissing brass out of the services, leaving a bunch of 'yes'
men that are the type David Hackworth called 'perfumed princes' in charge.

The prices quoted and the contracts awarded with a free hand on 'cost over-runs'
are absolutely ridiculous. I'd like too write, or have friends write the RFP's for
these and the contract specifications to be met. You can bet your ass the prices per vehicle would be a lot lower than what's quoted here.

I'd even consider having some of these vehicles built by companies that 'armor' vehicles for private individuals.

As for ever Podunk P.D. getting used Humvees, a lot of them will miss out because the gutless fucking Iraqis turned tail and ran away and left so many of them for ISIS. Add that to the fact that the same happened to millions of guns and munitions
because some shit heads in the military and government think they can 'be trained to
fight' ISIS, and keep finding out the hard way it isn't going to happen !!

I'll be damned if we don't continue to put dumb asses in positions of authority.
Obviously, TPTB don't learn a thing from their past mistakes !! Kind of like half
our population that elected Zero for a second time and expected things to improve.

Dakota said...

Well it is no doubt a lot of money and the "truck" is pretty amazing. I have to wonder how this happened when we have an administration cutting the military every chance they get.

Yes we have a bad habit of training and arming foreign military of countries we have went in and spent large amounts of money and lives, and then wondering why they drop their weapons and run. Of course this would not have happened if wars are run by politicians who have an agenda to politicize everything. When will we realize that because we allow ourselves to be divided we will not address the real problems. Those problems are mainly politicians who have an agenda to turn this country "LEFT". Yes your favorite Republican party is shifting more and more toward socialism. Government of, by and for "We the People" does not give them absolute power.....and isn't that just a real big inconvenience for the bastards.

Anonymous said...

TPTB have forgotten the original purpose of the Hummer, an ATV, high ground clearance, four wheel drive, run-flat, climb cliffs, go anywhere, ford streams and swim small rivers, multipurpose (troop transport to ambulance) all-in-one type of vehicle.
Now they're going to replace it with THIS bloated overpriced urban deuce-and-a-half?

B Woodman

DAN III said...


What do you expect from a military that has welcomed women, fags and transvestites into it's ranks of warriors ?

This country is fooked !

Anonymous said...

Well, yes, you're right. The rant was purely rhetorical on my part.

B Woodman