Tuesday, August 25, 2015

"The apparent weakness in the Chinese economy is radiating out into the world." Roller coaster on Wall Street

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Chiu ChunLing said...


This is the real reason that Beijing is crashing their fake market. They need a way to use their giant treasury trove to undermine confidence in the dollar without obviously dumping it for no reason.

Signs suggest that this divestment will be accompanied by indirect military challenges to U.S. dominance in the next month or two, and a direct challenge soon after. They are probably betting that Obama will fold like used toilet paper...but they aren't counting on it. I'm guessing that they are coordinating with the established ex-Soviet propaganda machinery to activate the fifth column in Western nations, so expect an increase in feminist and BlackLivesMatter shrieking about white 'cis-male privilege' as things get worse.

Also, they are likely to blow the lid off the fraudulent suppression of gold, if they can find someone else to blow that whistle. Or it might come out itself as the paper gold schemes unravel in the global market.

Chiu ChunLing said...


"If China did indeed send its forces to the border to help intimidate Pyongyang into negotiating an end to current tensions, that would be music to Seoul’s ears. South Korea’s Cheong Wa Dae recently announced that President Park Geun-hye will attend China’s September 3 celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II – despite reports that the United States had pressured her to turn down the invitation. At the time, Korean media suggested Park made her decision in the hopes that Beijing would reciprocate by helping encourage North Korea to scale down tensions. The announcement about Park’s trip to Beijing was made on Thursday, just after North and South Korea exchanged artillery fire."

This is very bad news for the U.S. and basically a death-knell for Japan. Particularly given the timing of this event, it proves that Beijing is fully committed to the use of military force to effect international outcomes, and takes South Korea off the list of U.S. allies against which China's military will be demonstrated.

Josh said...

Meanwhile the euro and dollar are being viewed as any port in a storm havens by the rest of the world. And amidst utter chaos, slv and gld are dropping or staying level.
Nothing is as it seems.