Friday, August 21, 2015

Lights out. Got guns?

What Would Happen if a Massive Solar Storm Hit the Earth?


MikeH. said...

Which might come first; a CME or an EMP? Does it really matter? Even after several years of warnings as to the likely outcome of such an event, NO ONE has invested a single penny toward a hardening of the electrical grids.

One thing does seem evident though; if / when either event occurs, only the very wealthy and powerful, along with the very strong and very prepared, will survive. I can only hope the latter will realize the criminal culpability of the other and use their "got guns" to bring about a little justice.

A Geriatric Threeper

Anonymous said...

Got Faraday cages too don't ya know.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe it is a "if", I believe it is a "when". And as to what happens? Well, Survival of the fittest (which is not necessarily the richest).

Josh said...

The diff is emp is short and sharp (as in nanoseconds), cme can last days. A cme may burn out the grid in places but it's not the killer of solid state devices emp weapons are. With a cme your car will run fine, with an emp, if your car is efi it will probably die if running but more than likely will simply need a restart to get it going again. If you've a carburetor and points vehicle it won't even die when the emp hits.

The real danger is either scenario can be blamed as the excuse for martial lawmart.
Or a cyber attack, false flag a cyber attack, take down the grid, blame the desired enemies, and enact martial lawmart.

Regardless, here's a pdf on the emp side of things, the fedz tested many makes of vehicles for emp resistance;

Sedition said...

There is no "if it happens", there is only WHEN it happens.
I can guarantee that the sun will eventually let loose a solar fart our way that will decimate the world's unprotected grids/devices.

Hell...that may not be a completely bad has made mankind weak and stupid in the ways of self sufficiency.
(This coming from an electronics/laser/computer and networking technician.)
But I learned how to survive off of what Mother Nature has to offer.

Anonymous said...


This seemed an appropriate place to post this, as Syria is pretty much the post-apocalyptic world at present.

Bellingcat is a site that may interest you. This link was found at , a place with some interesting IT security centric materials. The content sporadically strays into leftist drivel, but there are many gems amid the chaff.

I wish you good health and continued success.
-emailing from Occupied Virginia