Sunday, August 30, 2015


Another offering in the argument of insanity vs. evil as an explanation for murderous acts.
Vester Lee Flanagan, who wore an Obama sticker while covering the elections in 2012, never got the memo that becoming the story serves as the journalist’s nightmare, not his dream. Flanagan offered political, racial, and even divine motivations for shooting two former colleagues to death live on local television on Wednesday. The reasons read more like rationalizations. Crazier than crazy projects reason upon unreason. One of the healthiest developments in America’s collective mental health involves society’s increasing rejection of the stated, often hifalutin, causes for murderous acts in favor of an acceptance of the explanation articulated by a drooling, shiny-eyed nutter’s stare.
Bryan Burrough’s Days of Rage: America’s Radical Underground, the FBI, and the Forgotten Age of Revolutionary Violence digs up America’s buried delusions about the delusional. In truth, even in the 1970s just a small number of people regarded mad bombers and cop killers as righteous revolutionaries. But the default response from the ideological press, at least, relied on the professed motivations of the purveyors of violence to explain their actions rather than the simplest, most obvious answers to decipher why. The organized terrorists then and the lone-wolf loonies now share much.

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Just another Obama son doing what his sons do, but he was trying to turn his life around? I submit if the likes of fair-a-coon, sharp-tongue, jackmeoff an such were silenced, things would change for the better. Then again if they understood how they are being used by the damn-o-crats, it might change as well. Forrest said it best.