Tuesday, August 25, 2015

One from the dragon, two from the bear.

China's Master Plan to Sink the U.S. Navy
Russia Engages in Military Drills on Europe’s Doorstep
Ukraine's Poroshenko: 'New Russia' is like 'Mordor'


Chiu ChunLing said...

Beijing would probably prefer that Russia fight the military conflict which decisively exposes the U.S. military as incapable of victory against a "near-peer" opponent. The project is, after all, not without significant costs and severe risks. But my read on the situation in Europe indicates that almost no provocation Russia can credibly mount is going to draw any meaningful response.

In the Pacific, the situation is different. I believe that Beijing can count on drawing a U.S. military response there, and probably will be able to cast most of the escalation factors as aggression on the part of the U.S. and allies. Something like:

"Innocent civilian" fishing vessels under attack by military boats (probably Japan's).
"Commercial" installations in Chinese (or "Chinese") waters attacked by aircraft.
U.S. military forces take aggressive posture, shoot down "unarmed" reconnaissance craft.

And bonus points for:

U.S. launches nuclear strike against civilian population centers in retaliation for conventional weapons deployment.

Yeah, that last one will play well in the history books.

Pat H. said...

Porky is the EU/Rothchild's man, they appointed him and most of his cabinet. The Kiev government is illegitimate.

I don't know what you have against Russia, a Christian nation, but it's pretty obvious that you have a bias that you wear on your shirt sleeve.

Dutchman6 said...

Well, gee Pat, I don't know. The fact that like Eric Hoffer's true believers they slipped from one collectivist regime to another seamlessly? I don't know, maybe the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of Afghan, Chechen and Ukrainian villagers? The fact that their weapons and advisors have been killing Americans for decades? The fact that they obviously mean to do us harm in some revanchist wetdream left over from the Tsars? The fact that I know Georgian and Ukrainian exiles and believe their horror stories? Ukraine has been independent for 20 plus years now and still the f-ing Russians won't leave them alone. That's because they can thanks to the fact that WE talked them into disarming at the time of their independence and the breakup of the Soviet Union (that Putin and his cronies want to resurrect) and the Russians not unexpectedly have been attacking them ever since. You've been reading too much RT and swallowing far too much FSB (ex-KGB) disinformation if you believe the Kremlin line. Poor little Russians, everybody's always pushing them around. YEAH, RIGHT.