Sunday, August 30, 2015

Central banks can’t save the markets from a crash. They shouldn’t even try

Alarming data from China was met with a soothing hint about monetary policy. But treasuries cannot keep pumping cheap credit into a series of asset bubbles.


Anonymous said...

The ball of numbers that fiat currency created is the biggest Ponzi scheme of all. Indeed, it is the largest game of hot potato ever played. Whether it be the gambling of fractional reserve lending or the thing called investing in that Stock Exchange slot machine, the result is the same...embarking upon that debt train of gambling produces a hot potato put into play. It is a great game to play, especially when every time someone else joins in, the pot gets bigger! But then people want to cash out because they sense that the clock is running out(like it does in the game of musical chairs when the music stops) and of course there is that tidbit about "administrative" fees to manage all those players, and the potato gets hotter and hotter. As players are exiting, less enter and this causes each exit by a player to up the degree factor.

What is happening now is the moment of insight manifesting itself, the eventual factual reality is setting in. Someone is absolutely going to be left holding that hot potato. The music is about to stop and someone will be without a chair.

We are well beyond an individual left holding the bag. The game got way too big. This is nations playing now, and nations that are interconnected within a MAD strategy designed to keep all players IN the game. How quaint is it that China forced it all to a head, thinking the USA would fall asunder, yet the world understands - even in its hatred of us- that the entire world is better off with China holding the potato when the music stops.

Muslims oppose that religiously. Isis declaration about fiat currency hence.

The people of the USA would do well to demand the CONGRESS end the fed, reinstall its own control - constitutional control- over valuing MONEY and direct the Mint to turn out COINS of denominations all the way to 500. 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500. Really, it is a matter of doing this now, or doing it later. It will less painful to do it now, on our terms. Thus we must do so now.

Chiu ChunLing said...

Especially given that Beijing isn't crashing their market and exposing their economic numbers as a fraud at this moment out of incompetence, but as part of a carefully constructed plan to wreck the global economy.

What people need to be doing is looking at the other part of this plan, because Chinamen wear shoes in pairs just like everyone else (who wears shoes, that is). And the other part of their plan cannot be unrelated to the recent unsustainable increases in military spending, anti-corruption drive focused on the military, and massively overhyped anti-Japanese nationalism (anti-Japanese nationalism isn't exactly new in China, and may be genetic at some level, but this most recent bout is alarming by any standards).

The most likely scenario is that China is going to occupy the Senkaku Islands, directly challenging the post-war order and international laws, as well as sparking an open war with Japan and drawing the U.S. into a no-win choice between abandoning the global international order completely or being proven incapable of defending it. Such events would severely destabilize even a healthy global market economy, the hyper-manipulated and leveraged global economy in its current state will pop like a soap-bubble being smashed with a hammer.

Unfortunately, given that the Russians and most Islamic nations are likely to back this challenge to the hilt, I don't have any realistic solutions to offer at the national level. Individuals simply need to accept that the end of civilization as we know it is at hand and plan their personal affairs accordingly.