Friday, August 21, 2015

Good thing they were light "cowboy loads." Stupid is as stupid does. Negligent discharge almost blows off another man's balls.

I recall that when I was a Civil War re-enactor, we had events where the opposing unit got to inspect our cartridge boxes and vice versa. We also eventually had to go to the expedient of insisting that participants leave ramrods in camp, because stupid people fired off a couple in our general direction. Accidental shooting injures one during western performance at Hartsel Days.

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Anonymous said...

personally, I do not believe in "accidental" discharge. That is a misnomer.
There are negligent discharges. Anyone with a firearm must be tasked with knowing that there is no such thing as a "accidental discharge", that once you pick it up you own whatever happens as a matter of personal responsibility. If it goes off, it is because YOU pulled the trigger. YOU either loaded it, or possibly failed to follow the baseline rules (one of which is treat every firearm as if it is loaded even if you "know" it isn't).

I realize that "negligently blew off his balls" isn't a easy flowing headline, but it is actually accurate. I might even accept "mistakenly", but with arms there simply cannot ever be accepted this responsibility deferring word "accidentally".

Accident implies it could not have been avoided... when we ALL know it could easily have been avoided by following simple rules. I was once in a crash, which maimed me, and I despise it when people say it was an accident. It was no accident, it could have been avoided by that punk 17 year old kid making the choice to not drive while drunk on his ass. It was a CRASH, not and accident. Once negligent behavior is evident, and with firearms we can all agree the rules are clear, there are no accidents. Period.