Saturday, August 22, 2015

To quote the Bard: "Who hath measured the ground?" CT rag writes ludicrous "analysis" of "assault weapon" ownership.

Wilton owns 3% of assault weapons in Fairfield County.
What crap. I wrote the following to the editor of this rag:
What a ludicrous self-deception. Measuring the incidence of military pattern semi-automatic rifles by basing it on the number of gutless fools who registered them under the new law is like rating the compliance with prostitution laws by the number of sex workers who turn themselves in for prosecution. Connecticut has something like an 80 to 85 percent noncompliance rate with the new law. Got that? That's hundreds of thousands of CT firearm owners who have refused to comply with this new tyranny. So why hasn't the notoriously anti-firearm governor and his even more notorious thug toady Mike Lawlor started the raids on homes where they KNOW such arms are stored? Because they are afraid of starting an armed resistance that could blossom into bloody civil war. Two years ago in April, I spoke at a huge rally on the steps of the statehouse there in Hartford and urged CT firearm owners that if their state government insisted upon making them criminals then they should accept that fact, embrace it and become the very best criminals they could be. It is evident that they took my advice to heart, yet the CT so-called press has chosen not to see that such tyrannical laws can be nullified by armed civil disobedience. Still, you are able to write such ridiculous "analyses" based upon what is known to be woefully inadequate "statistics." Why is that?
Mike Vanderboegh


Anonymous said...

Good words, Mike. Trouble is, trying to wake such folks to reality is impossible. In other words, "If logic were lard, these idiots couldn't grease a pan."

Pericles said...

Noticed that the quoted statute requires a weapon to be select fire in order to be classified as an assault weapon. Thus, if the statute is really written that way, those who have not registered semi only weapons have not violated that law.

Anonymous said...

When are you gonna get it through your head, Mike, that these people are fully aware of how inaccurate their reporting is. But when you have an agenda, you publish propaganda. This woman is attempting to make assault weapon ownership seem much smaller than fact, so that when they start talking about more assault weapon bans, or even assault weapon confiscation, the public will justify it because "there aren't that many of them anyway". This woman probably knows there are many times more people who will not comply. What she is ignorant to is how any confiscation attempt WILL start a new civil war. But even if she knows it, don't forget that the left see's public chaos, as a confiscation attempt would definitely cause, as a great opportunity, (read 'Crisis'), to "get things done".

All the more reason for us to "vanquish" as many of them as we can while we are under "weapons free" conditions. 4GW!

Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of something clever for this reply but your letter to the "reporter" said it all Mike..

Anonymous said...

Notice the image of an AR15 posted with the caption calling it an "AK15?"

Galaxie_Man said...

I am proud to be a non-compliant CT Patriot, in the company of so many other such Patriots.

We SHALL continue to Deceive, Defy, Resist, Evade, and Smuggle